Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being a Kid Again………

As I write this I sit in my childhood bedroom; however, it’s no longer pink and it’s no longer mine.  This room is now white, red curtains hang over the windows and it is now the room my son calls home.  He has a wealth of electronics, including a color, flat screen television with DVR and I felt extremely lucky to have a thirteen inch black and white television with attached rabbit ears.  This has been the only house I have ever known my parents to own.  Even though I have had more addresses than I care to count, this house has always been home for me.  There are so many memories here and I am blessed to have this place hold such stability for me. 
The  past couple of days I have been fluctuating between relaxing in my old bedroom and spending time with Brendon and his friends. I was going to say that he is truly blessed to have such great friends.  But the truth is that I am truly blessed that he has such great friends. They have all done such a great job of checking on me to make sure that I have what I need.  They have also been brilliant at keeping me busy and entertained. 
A couple of days ago we went to an Irish Pub, Dan McGuiness, for lunch.  Erik, Mary, Brendon and myself had a really great lunch.  DM1 It full of charm and character.  Many of the items inside came directly from Ireland and it just has this really great ambiance that makes one instantly comfortable.  DM2 Of course, my lunch dates also did a great job of keeping me laughing.  They are all graced with a wonderful sense of humor and laughter is a common companion when they are gathered together.  ErikGlasses They are also not afraid to create a little humor at their own expense as anyone can see by this picture of Erik wearing Mary’s heart shaped sunglasses.  There is something truly endearing about a guy who’ll do silly things to make a girl laugh.  Not stupid crazy things, but just silly enough to make milk come out of your nose due to an unexpected guffaw. 
Today we met at Buffalo Wild Wings (oh, how I’ve missedMaryRockband those boneless wings!) for lunch and ended up staying for a couple of hours just chatting easily.  We then worked our way over to GameStop for a little shopping and game testing.  Mary entertained us belting out songs on Rock Band, while the boys were busy perfecting BoysGHtheir guitar skills over on Guitar Hero.   I made a very feeble attempt at playing drums on Rock Band. But I truly sucked so I quickly threw in the towel.   It’s amazing how truly skilled these guys (and girl) are and how awful I truly am at these things.  I do believe I will stick with Tetris and the Sims!!
Tonight we went to the movies together to see AVATAR!!!! Completely amazing movie.  The colors and the imagery are totally captivating.  I would easily go see this movie again and again.  It was great to have such great company to entertain me for the day.  None of them even became embarrassed when I went into sensory overload after the movie and managed to walk with this incredible wobble.  They all just did their best to do what they could to help me. Thanks for being such good friends to me!  You definitely do a great job of keeping life interesting since my hubby is gone. Thanks for being great dates! Love you all bunches!