Monday, January 18, 2010

Celebrating Champions……


First I need to explain that we went with several members of the cheer squad to Billy Bob’s for some food and fun.  The girls had a blast.  Billy Bob’s is located in Ft Worth’s historic Stockyard Station.   They still actually drive a herd of cattle down the main street of Stockyard Station daily.  You can find some really interesting shops lining the train tracks where the cattle were loaded for transport.


Katie even got to ride a horse!!! Ok, so it wasn’t a real one and we didn’t even give her a quarter for fear that she’d be thrown and left unable to compete with her cheer squad.


After BBQ the girls enjoyed some  time on the dance floor.  Now most of them were attempting to do a two-step; but I can honestly say, that I have never seen most of these particular brand of variations!!!  Katie and Kylie giving each other a quick spin.


Katie and Dara doing their version of the two-step. 


Mary’s boyfriend tried to teach Kaitlyn to do a proper two-step; but my sweet Katie has no natural rhythm.


Sisters, Katie and Kylie with my niece Katie all enjoyed several rounds on the dance floor together.


I tried to teach Katie the Electric Slide but I am not sure she ever really got it.  We also danced the Charlie Brown, which is line dancing with instructions, and she still seemed like a fish out of water.  Sadly, I can report that there was no Cotton-Eyed Joe!!! UGH!!! But I can say that dancing with my niece was definitely one of the highlights of this trip, even if she does have two left feet.  Kaitlyn, I know I’ve been teasing you in my blog; but I love you dearly and I am so glad I got to experience this weekend with you.



I am very, very, very pleased to report that the Raiders took home the first place trophy and brand new champion jackets. 
Way to go RAIDERS!!!!!