Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Racking up the miles……..

You will notice I’ve changed my blog and my blog title. I think it’s more fitting of what is currently going on with my life right now. To date the mileage tally is over 5500 miles.  Including today’s 650 miles and 4 states Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.  CO0125
As I am driving through rural Oklahoma and Texas the memories of my childhood came flooding back to me.   My grandparents had a farm in Seiling, Oklahoma which a cow, pigs, and chickens. 
Passing all the grain elevators and silos (the one below stands in the middle of town) made me nostalgic for days gone by. 
It was a great reminder of rural America and what it means to own and work the land.  It’s a great testament to the hard working spirit of some of our greatest citizens.
In western Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas there is miles and miles of open country.  I felt so alone, yet so free.  There were long stretches where I saw no other cars or people.  Just land and sky. 
Feeling so small in such a big world.  But I felt so connected, like I belonged.  That even for just this year the road, the entire country is my home.  
The miles of flat stretches of land began to ripple and roll on the horizon dawns beautiful snow crested mountains.  As my car climbed the hills and hugged the curves, I realized again  what an amazing place I get the pleasure of living in.
As the sun began to set over those snow capped peaks I felt like I was racing to beat it home before it stole the last slivers of light and the moon graced my path. 
Even though I miss my husband terribly, my life is as rich and full as the land that passes under my tires as I roam like a gypsy.