Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things I have learned from Lady Gaga…

Most people find Lady Gaga eccentric.  I will agree that she is not as Vanilla as most of us are but I bet that most of you have no idea how inspiring she truly is. Sure, she could just walk out on stage and sing. However, she is a performance artist and believes in providing her fans with a magnificently entertaining show.  Part of this includes presenting herself in an interesting manner.  So I wanted to take a few minutes to have my readers broaden their view of who Lady Gaga is.

Gaga Teacup
The simple pleasures in life can be the most comforting.  Walking around with a cup or bottle in hand is something we all do, at least from time to time.  She has just chosen to do so with a cup that reminds her of home and having tea with her Mother. We should all be so lucky to have such great memories and to have some keepsake of those incredible memories in our lives.
No matter how much you earn, scrutiny of finances is always an issue.   It has recently been reported that Lady Gaga is spending more on her tour than she is earning.  If she is content spending all her money on her show for her fans; why should we care?  I am not saying we should spend recklessly but we should always remember to indulge in our passions.
Gaga Mean
“They can’t scare me, if I scare them first.”  We should all be as ferocious as she is when we are facing our fears.   There is nothing that exists in life that someone else hasn’t faced before.  With a little faith and a lot of determination; we can get through anything.
Gaga Yourself
Never be afraid to be yourself or to stand out in a crowd.  Looking into our own mirror and embracing who we truly are can be a daunting process.  But it is the only way we can ever find our way to true happiness.  Don’t listen if they tell you you’re weird. After all who really is “normal?” Her own  Father thought she was mentally unstable when he first saw her play. 

Gaga Misconceptions copyDon’t worry about those that doubt you.  She was asked on the Paul O’Grady show if she gets upset that people call her an overnight success.  Her response was that those are just journalists that don’t do their research.  As you can see by this photo she is not, at all, upset because someone else has chosen to be ignorant. She knows exactly who she is and what talents God has given her.
Of course, Lady Gaga reminds us to ‘Just Dance.’  Life is meant to be celebrated, to be lived, and to be embraced.  The ups and downs we experience are merely the crescendos and decrescendos of the music that is life.  While we may never be experiencing the same rhythm at the same time; we are all dancers in this amazing composition named “Living.”

Gaga Sexy

Lady Gaga reminds us to feel pretty, to put on the high heeled shoes and to strut our stuff even if our body may not be an ideal body (whatever that is!) We all have a right to feel beautiful.  After all, we are all beautiful. 

Last, but certainly not least. Gaga reminds us that we are all Heavenly bodies. We all have a right to shine like stars and to pursue our goals as intensely as the sun shines.  We all have our own light to offer to this world, don’t let anyone ever snuff yours out.