Thursday, July 4, 2013

Budget Beauty, Physicians Formula Nude Eyes

I recently purchased Natural Nude and Warm Nude palettes from the Physicians Formula Nude Eyes collection.  I have read mixed reviews on these and was curious to see how well these performed.  Luckily, I was able to pick them up cheap at CVS by combining coupons and Extra Bucks.  I paid less than $3.00 each for them so I figured even if they were only mediocre they were definitely worth it.  The packaging is super cute and the colors are easily worked into any collection.  I tend to gravitate toward bold eyeshadow colors; so, I was glad to broaden my collection of more natural shadows.  

Each palette contains 9 shimmery shadows.  I wish they had mixed some mattes in with the shimmers; but, alas, they didn't.  The package indicates that they should be broken into trios with the three on the right designated as natural.  The three in the middle designated as playful and the three on the left are dramatic.  I don't play by the rules and I mix 'em all up.  I'm just crazy like that! Besides, I am certain no one will look at my eyes and be all, "Girl, your eyes are looking playful today!" 
Warm Nude on Top, Natural Nude on bottom
I have found that with a primer these wear well and blend nicely.  They are nicely pigmented and I didn't have issues with fading.  I have found that using a sponge tipped applicator works better than a brush.  If you must use a brush then use a brush with flat sides and use MAC's Fix Plus.  Don't bother with a fluffy brush; that will get you nowhere fast with these particular shadows. The biggest complaint I have with these palettes is that I wish they would place each shade into a separate pan.  It's just odd that they put all 9 shades in one long pan.
As you can clearly see by the swatches there seems to be a fair amount of overlap and not enough definition to the colors.  Buying two now seems like overkill in hindsight.  Warm Nude is the top row of swatches and Natural Nude is the bottom row of swatches.  They are no cool nudes to be found in either of the palettes I purchased.  But all in all, I have been enjoying walking on the natural side and will continue to enjoy these palettes.  They have in no way diminished my love for bold shadows.  You see, I'm just can't pull off a bold lip so my eyes get to have all the fun.  But these guys will still get plenty of love.