Monday, July 8, 2013

Budget Beauty, Revlon Super Lustrous

Recently, the magic coupon machine at CVS gave me a fabulous $4.00 off $12.00 cosmetics purchase.  I gladly combined that with two $1.00 off Revlon lip products coupon and Extra Bucks.   These discounts brought the cost down to $3.00 - $4.00 each for the Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick and the Super Lustrous Lipgloss.  I purchased the lipstick in Kissable Pink and the lipgloss in Pink Pop.  I always gravitate toward a nude lip so I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and into a pretty pink zone.  I will admit that I was quite curious about the new 'shine' formula.  I really wanted the nude shade but my sister told me that I wasn't allowed to buy another nude lipstick. So Kissable Pink made it's way into my basket.  I also decided to pick up a lovely pink gloss to go with my new pink lipstick.  Now, I love the Super Lustrous gloss and own several shades all of which are nude. Shocking, I know! So I was really glad to push myself to try something out of my comfort zone. 

I was anxious to get Kissable Pink home so I could unwrap it.  It sort of felt like Christmas morning as I tore into the plastic wrapper anxious to get at the blissful pink waiting for me in the tube.  Once I got it opened I realized that the shine formula gets it's 'shine' in part from the silver, microfine glitter contained within the creamy pink goodness.  Now I love glitter but I have finally reached the age where I can appreciate a silky cream formula over glitter any day.  So I was a little bummed to discover that this shine formula contained so much glitter.  But aside from that the formula is creamy and smooth.

The Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss in Pink Pop is a perfect pairing for Kissable Pink.  I will admit that Pink Pop is not a new color for Revlon.  It was available previously in the short square tubes.  But I did not own Pink Pop as it's obviously not a nude.  I am quite pleased with the pigmentation of this gloss and the formula is a little sticky without being overly sticky.  I am a little saddened that the new round packaging includes less product than the old short square packaging.  It's hard to not feel disappointed by the fact that we are getting less now. It's a great gloss. I am not sure what the reasoning was to change the packaging.  

The gloss is really nicely pigmented as you can see in the swatch on the left.  The lipstick seems so sheer especially when it's swatched next to the gloss.  You can't really see the microfine glitter in the swatch or on the lips but you can see it when the gloss and lipstick have worn off.  Then it becomes quite clear that the formula is full of glitter.  Despite the glitter it is a lovely pink shade and I will enjoy wearing it and getting out of my nude comfort zone.  The formula of both feels nice on the lips and has an average wear time.  I love the thought of a high shine lipstick I would just like to see it done without glitter. 

These products were purchased by myself with the intend to enjoy them. Please follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for your daily dose of positivity.