Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Budget Beauty, Sinful Shine

A dear blogger friend of mine, Saffron of Saffy Style, posted about the Sinful Colors polish in Pink Forever. I fell in love with the color so I set out to find it because it's such a gorgeous shade of pink that is perfect for the summer. So while I was scouring my local drugstore for Pink Forever I discovered something new!!! 

Sinful Colors has come out with Sinful Shine, a collection of 32 high shine polishes.  Although, they retail at $2.99, as opposed to the usual $1.99, I felt it was worth the extra dollar to give them a go! I scooped up 2 shades, Most Sinful which is a rich, creamy cobalt blue and VIP which is a vibrant, creamy bright pink.  I am head over heals in love with both of these colors!  As soon as I reached home I stripped off my old polish and immediately painted my nails with VIP. 
The formula of these Sinful Shine polishes is creamy, opaque and shiny. This picture is to the right is with two coats over a base coat and no top coat. I have always enjoyed the Sinful Colors polishes but I am loving the high shine formulation of these.  It's easy to see the fantastic shine built into the polish, so much so that I still haven't put a top coat over them.  I have now been wearing this polish for 4 days now with no chipping.

I am quite pleased with the Sinful Shine formula and hope that it is permanent.  It's a great formula, wears well, has a great shade range and it's still a great bargain at $2.99.   It's nice that Sinful Colors has made the cap a gun metal color; this makes it easy to see at a glance which polishes are the high shine formula.  I am loving this vibrant pink of VIP and have gotten several compliments on it. Overall, it's a great polish and deserves a place in everyone's nail polish collection.