Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Fish Fry

We had a great family fish fry last Sunday.  I wouldn’t say it’s a tradition but it’s a fairly regular event that my parents really enjoy hosting.  They have a place at Lake Eufaula and are both avid fishermen.  When their supply of fish is running high, they will invite the family over and fry some up.  My Dad has perfected his method for frying the fish and Mom makes the fixins like cole slaw, hush puppies, french fries, etc.


In addition to great food, my parents really enjoy time with their kids, grandkids and now great-grandkids. In the picture on the right, my mom is standing behind my son, Brendon.  They are particularly sentimental about each other.

In this picture on the left, my mom is taking her youngest great-granddaughter, Madi, on a walk through their big backyard.  They have an amazing garden throughout their backyard.  I did a post devoted to the garden here.   It’s a great space for the little ones to run around in and for the big one to run around in as well.

Brookie and Madi brought their frisbees and their scooters so they could cruise in style. 

Miss Brookie had such a great time, laughing and giggling all day.  I love seeing her smile and hearing her laughter.  She is such a sweet child and her entire face lights up when she is happy. 

Several places around the yard Mom and Dad have statues of animals.  This deer in the picture with Madi actually came from my Grandmother’s house.  Madi found him very interesting.  If given half a chance she would have climb on his back and tried to ride him.


Papa moved his lawn tractor and trailer out of his workshop in order to make room for the fryer.  My niece, Katie, took advantage of the seat and parked her kiester in order to text. Every sixteen year olds FF14favorite hobby.

She is looking positively frightening in this picture. I am not quite sure what she is doing in this picture but obviously I snapped at exactly the WRONG second!! Lol


It would be nice of me to tell you that this was another instance of another unfortunate snap.  But sadly I report that this face was intentional. I can honestly say that my other niece, Brittany, is not Rita Hayworth.  She doesn’t give good face.

My favorite portion of the day was tossing sweet Madi up in the air. As you can see she clearly loved it.  Her little giggles are so adorable.


There were plenty of other photos from the day so I decided to make a collage. ENJOY!