Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Budget Beauty, Milani Color Statement Lipstick

This week (Mar 14-20, 2013) CVS is having a great sale on Milani Color Statement Lipstick for Extra Care Card holders. If you don't have an Extra Care Card, you can easily obtain one from any CVS by asking the cashier.  This week only the Milani Color Statement lipstick is just $3.69!! They normally sell around $5.50 which is still a great price for such a fantastic product.  However, this sale price is amazing and it gets even better.  CVS is offering $2.00 Extra Bucks back on your receipt.  It's a total of almost $4.00 in savings.  It's like paying only $1.69!!  If you miss out on this incredible bargain CVS regularly has a buy one get one half off sale on Milani.
The Milani Color Statement Lipstick is a bargain at IMG_9461$5.50 because it's pigmented, opaque, creamy and wears well.   But it's a STEAL at $1.69.  The package is simply gorgeous and the formula is a dream.  It is not a stain but it wears well and feels smooth on the lips.  I wouldn't say it is moisturizing but it doesn't dry my lips out.  It does go on very opaque but it does feel a little thick on the lips which doesn't bother me.  A quick search of YouTube will reconfirm that this is a popular lipstick with predominantly favorable qualities.  Many will explain that the scent is fruity or sweet. While there is a hint of something sweet I find it to smell like lipstick.  But I am not that is bothered or impressed with the smell of any lipstick. My desire is that a lipstick perform well rather than smell good.
The Color Statement name was an extremely appropriate name as these lipsticks aren’t for IMG_9457the feint of heart. The colors are bold and definitely make a statement.  Milani offers an excellent color range. I highly recommend you spend some time looking at some swatches online as the lipsticks are sealed.  Although the pictures in the post seem to show that the indicator on the bottom of  tube runs pretty true,  I have found that the color of the lipstick tends to be a tad darker than the indicator.  So keep this in mind when you are shopping, especially if you are terribly fair like I am.
I had previously purchased two, 29 Teddy Bare and 17 Plumrose, of the Milani Color Statement lipsicks so my purchase of 26 Nude Creme was the third in my IMG_9468collection. These are a small selection from the lighter shades in the line.  While Plumrose and Teddy Bare are not an everyday go to color for me I am thoroughly enjoying them. I have found that they are pushing me closer to the edges of my comfort zone which is quite nice actually.   I will advise you that am extremely fair and wear MAC NC 15.  I cannot say enough great things about this line of lipsticks.  If you are looking for a quality opaque lipstick, you need look no further than the Milani Color Statement line. It would be an amazing lipstick at any price but the affordability of this lipstick makes it too good to pass up!

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