Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Product Review, Woolite

‘While you may know Woolite as the detergent for treating your delicates.  Woolite is also specially formulated to keep the love that you have for your everyday clothes, whether vintage or fresh off the rack, alive.’ taken from the Woolite website.  I remember always having a Woolite in our house when I was growing up.  I new it was ‘special’ detergent for ‘special’ clothes.  Now, as an adult I am discovering that Woolite isn’t just for ‘special’ clothes.  Woolite is good for any clothes you would like to keep looking newer longer. 
IMG_9488Recently, I was selected to participate in a Woolite Sample and Share program through Crowdtap.  You can find my review of Crowdtap and the variety of programs it offers here. I received 10 single load samples of Woolite.  These samples were sent to me for the express purpose of sampling and reviewing.  Additionally, I am expected to share some samples in order to encourage me to share my opinion of Woolite.

Typically there is a bottle of Woolite running around my house; oddly, there isn’t one currently.   So I was IMG_9489pleased to receive the samples.  I have always loved washing my quilts in Woolite.  Most of my quilts were made by my Grandmothers on both sides of my family; but, my maternal Grandfather helped my Grandmother quilt.  Sadly, all of my grandparents are now deceased so these quilts have become treasured possessions to me.   I have also known that Woolite was great for washing your delicates; but, I never thought about Woolite for any clothes that you want to keep in good shape.  It makes sense that a detergent that is designed for delicates would keep your clothes feeling soft, new and fresh.  I had just never thought about using Woolite for sweaters, favorite t-shirts, jeans, and everything else.
Turns out that I should have been thinking about it.  I’ve tried it on a couple of loads my work clothes and I really like the results.  It seems that everything just felt a bit softer and cozier.  It really makes me wonder if I washed all my clothes in Woolite would they last longer?  I’m sure they would.  All in all I am truly impressed with Woolite.  I am continually thinking about which things could benefit from being washed in Woolite rather than regular detergent.  The list keeps growing; so it’s a good thing they included coupons along with the samples.  Yep, next time I go to the store I will be picking up a bottle of Woolite!  Thanks Crowdtap and thanks Woolite for this opportunity to sample Woolite with a fresh perspective.  I’m impressed!

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