Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let’s talk Crowdtap

I recently made a post about some of the websites to which I belong. Crowdtap is one of the sites that I am truly enjoying. One of the first things you notice about Crowdtap is their ‘Quick Hits’ which are basically polls asking your opinion, shopping habits, or preferences.  Quick Hits earn points which you can trade in for gift cards.  Based upon your answers to these Quick Hits you can be invited to participate in other programs such as Web Share Challenges, Photo Challenges, Moderated Discussions, Sample and Share Programs, and more. I have not been with Crowdtap for long and I have already participated in several of these programs and challenges. 
When participating in a Web Share challenge you are asked to read through or watch a video, a blog post, or an advertisement.  If you find the information appealing and relevant, you are asked to share it on your social media sites.  Once you meet the minimum required clicks from your social media sites you are given more points once again.
A Photo Challenge is really simple. You are required to upload a photo which you have taken onto Crowdtap or another designated website.  There are specifics which detail what the photo should contain but they are usually simple and straight forward. Again you are given point for participating and selected top photos are given a larger sum of points.  Below is my submission for the Mastercard Photo Challenge for the #LoveThisCity promotion.
Mastercard photo challenge
A Moderated Discussion provides specific questions to which you are allowed to submit one response.  You are allowed and encouraged to comment on the responses others post.  Again the top posts will be given a large sum of points. The red arrow in the photo below points to my picture!! Yep, my response was selected as for a top award and I received 15,000 points! YAY!!
A Sample and Share is exactly what it sounds like. You are sent multiple quantities of a select product to sample and to share with your family and friends. Even though I haven’t been a member very long, I was selected to participate in the Woolite Sample and Share program.  I recently received a box of 10 single loads of Woolite. I am keeping a few for myself and sharing several with my family and friends.  These samples also come with a coupon!!  I merely have to complete a simple report in exchange for receiving the samples. 
I am really enjoying the Crowdtap website.  I think there are a lot of positives about the site and it keeps things interesting which makes you want to sign in multiple times a day.  Plus you earn points pretty quickly; I have already cashed out some of my points for a $10 gift card.  A huge plus to Crowdtap is the fact that you can use your points to make a donation to one of several charities. I have chosen ‘To Write Love On Her Arms” as my selected charity as I know a couple of young women who have struggled with cutting. 
Although I have not received any full sized products from them I am enjoying everything about the site. I love that they work with a large variety of manufacturers and the content is continually changing and is always entertaining. I like that there is no pressure to participate in any program. I cannot say enough good things about Crowdtap.  If you enjoy interactive discussions, talking about products and getting products for free then give Crowdtap a try.