Monday, June 10, 2013

Follow Up to the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System

I was thrilled at the chance to try the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System.  I was looking forward to spending time playing in the dirt and adding some color to the flower beds in front of our house.  Now let me explain what has occurred since I last posted about the sprayer system.  Oklahoma has experienced the most damaging tornado on May 20, 2013 and the largest tornado at 2.6 miles wide on May 31, 2013.  In addition to these two devastating tornadoes we have also experienced record breaking rainfalls which has caused minor flooding in our yard.  These events combined with my desire to assist my friends who lost a portion of their home prevented me from spending time tending to my newly planted flowers.  Sadly, I lost all of the annuals we purchased to place in our flower bed. Therefore, please do not judge the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System based on my results.  

Prize Winning Persian Berry Iris

Instead of considering my personal results, I would ask that you read this post objectively keeping our local conditions in mind.  I will not focus on results, I will instead focus on the actual ease of use and the quality of the fertilizer.  The first thing I did when I received the Pennington Sprayer System was to consult my Dad since he grows prize winning irises.  He looked over the NPK (N-Nitrogen - promotes leaf growth, P-Phosphorus - promotes root, flower,  and seed growth, K-Potassium - promotes health and disease resistance) nominclature of the All Purpose and the Flowers & Blooms Fertilizer Tablets.  He explained that the NPK for the All Purpose Fertilizer is a great mix for lawn and general use at 24-8-16.  Then we discussed the Blooms & Flowers Fertilizer Tablet at 10-30-20 because Phosphorus is important focus of blooms.  We also looked up the Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer Tablets online.  The NPK of 20-20-20 is a great blend for food gardening as you need a balance of all three to promote the best harvest of vegetables.  As he was explaining all this I was just glad that Pennington had taken the guess work out of it for me! 

The Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System is so very easy to use. You don't need a degree to determine the mixing ratio and the system itself is super easy to use. You just drop a tablet or two in the clear chamber, attach to a garden hose and pull the trigger.  This short video explains exactly how easy it is to use the Pennington Sprayer System.

Even though Mother Nature did not cooperate with me this year I am pleased to report that our Daylilies are preparing to bloom.  This crazy weather has them running late, I wish I had been able to show the blooms in this post.  Alas, you can't argue with Mother Nature. I can most definitely say that we will continue using the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System for years to come.  It's smart, it's effective and it's easy!!

I received the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System free for review from BzzAgent.