Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AMDRO Powerflex Pest and Weed System

I was grateful to receive the AMDRO Powerflex Pest and Weed System for the purpose of review. The Powerflex I received includes a one gallon reservoir tank, the sprayer gun with foldable wand, and  five cartridges.  I received one of each of the following cartridges Lawn Weed Killer, Home Pest Indoor, Yard and Perimeter Outdoor and two Weed and Grass Killer cartridges.   

When I first attempted to use the AMDRO Powerflex, I could not get any water to spray out of the sprayer gun.  After two hours and plenty of help from my husband we were finally able to get the sprayer gun to work.  I wrote about the tips we discovered and the solution that finally worked for us in this blog post.  It's a worthwhile read for anyone who has purchased or is considering purchasing the AMDRO Powerflex. 

Once we got the sprayer gun to work, we found the product extremely easy to use and so convenient. We love using the Weed and Grass Killer for sidewalk crack creepers.  We have a large back patio that is made from several different slabs of cement and the weeds love to creep into the cracks. We received record rainfall in the month of May and when we receive heavy rainfall our backyard floods.  Eventually, the water covers the patio and the weeds just go crazy! The AMDRO Powerflex is great at helping us keep those cracks clear of weeds so that we are able to enjoy our patio to the fullest.  Application couldn't be simpler.  You merely load the reservoir tank with water, insert the Weed and Grass Killer cartridge into the sprayer gun and pull the trigger.  The difference is clear! AMDRO Powerflex killed the weeds and prevents them from coming back!


Since we live on two acres, we have plenty of multi-legged critter sneaking about this time of year. The Yard & Perimeter Outdoor combined with the Home Pest Indoor has been instrumental in controlling the creepy crawlies.  The spiders and ants would like to report that they do NOT like the AMDRO Powerflex system as it has restricted their usual stomping grounds.  I, however, am very pleased to report that I have reclaimed their stomping grounds and am enjoying the lack of creepy crawlies both in and around my house.  

I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to try the AMDRO Powerflex Pest and Weed System for free for the purpose of review.  Other than a minor flaw which can easily be avoided, the system is great at keeping weeds and pests under control.  I love the ease of the system with no mixing and no mess!  The AMDRO Powerflex Pest and Weed System is available at WalMart and Home Depot.  The sprayer system retails for $14.99 and the refills retail for $11.99.