Friday, June 14, 2013

Impress Press-On Manicure, Nicole Scherzinger Editiion

I received the Nicole Scherzinger style of imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails in my Spring Fever VoxBox.  I have been curious about these for quite some time but have never taken the plunge and bought them.  Not really sure why I haven't since I love to try new beauty products; but, I haven't.  So I was thrilled to have received them in my Vox Box. 

Let me first take a minute to say that this pattern is so cute! I am in love with the Zebra tips with the colorful flower accent.  This would be my first choice if I were purchasing a set for myself.  They are so adorable.

Next, lets talk packaging.  I love the fact that they have managed to put these inside a fingernail polish 'bottle.'  It's easy to store them with my other polishes and it's just cute.  I appreciate the fact that they have given us 24 individual nails in 12 different sizes.  I have rather large hands with large nail beds. So it was great that they had the right sizes to fit me.

Application is easy.  First off you want to size them.  Without peeling the backing off, place them over you nail to find the right size for each nail.  Lay them out in order so that you can easily determine which nail goes on which finger.

Once you have them sized you will want to clean you nails of any polish and then wipe them down with the enclosed pad.  Then you will begin the process of applying each nail, saving your thumbs for last.  Simply peel off the clear backing by pulling the tab found on the bottom of each nail.

Press the nail into place, holding it firmly for at least 60 seconds. I was a little too anxious to keep the process moving and I didn't hold the first one long enough.  Consequently, within 24 hours that nail was the first to fall off.

The imPress Press-on Manicures look absolutely fabulous once applied and have a plethora of different styles and colors.  They have just cute patterns that are great for coordinating with specific outfits.  They are simple and quick to apply.  They have a flexible texture unlike press-on nails from years ago which helps them stay on.  If you were to press up against a hard object from the side they will bend slightly, just like your natural nail, thus there is less of a chance that they will pop off.   They also appear very natural.  I have received many compliments on my nails today.  If you carefully remove them you could probably get multiple uses out of them; you would just need to acquire more adhesive.

Now, for the downside. Don't rush the application. Take time to hold each nail down to ensure the best bond to the natural nail.  They feel thick on the nail and you can clearly see the added bulk they add.  My ring finger, pictured on the right, isn't showing any natural nail because I damaged my nail by smashing it in the door jamb.  It hasn't yet grown out far enough to be seen from this angle. Another issue I have just discovered is that the print is starting to chip and it's been less than 24 hours.  This morning as I was showering I discovered that there is a small gap at the bottom on the nail closest to the cuticle.  It's not noticeable until your hair gets caught in it; then, it's painfully obvious!

Overall, I am going to say that these are great for special events or evenings out and are certainly cheaper than getting it done professionally.  At $6.00 to $8.00 they certainly put up a convincing argument for avoiding the salon.  The imPress press-on manicure would be PERFECT for prom; especially since they are less damaging to your natural nails and come in such fun styles.  While I really enjoy these for specific events, they just don't work well for me as an everyday manicure. I don't feel that they last 7 days as they claim on the packaging.  Maybe they could if you were super careful; but, it's just not a realistic possibility for me.  If you are looking to dress up your nails for a special evening this is an amazingly affordable way to do so.

I received the imPress Press-on Manicure free for the purpose of review.

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