Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Never Pay Full Price for Drugstore Makeup

Part #1 in a four part series Never Pay Full Price for Drugstore Makeup.

Saving money on beauty products is much easier than you think. Learning to coupon may seem like some 'Extreme Couponing' nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. Let me assure you that I still enjoy shopping for beauty products, I don't need a warehouse to store stockpiles, and I don't buy products that I won't use or donate to a worthy cause. This stigma that exists that all couponers are overweight hoarders is absolutely wrong. You needn't be afraid or skeptical of couponing. It's actually easy and fun! 

Take a moment to watch Tati from GlamLifeGuru as she takes us on a couponing trip with her to the drugstore. 

Let me give you some examples of how I keep shopping interesting and fun. I highly recommend finding a friend that is willing to learn to coupon with you. My sister and I coupon together. We even lightheartedly coupon competitively. It's always interesting to see how much she saves vs how much I save. For instance, we once saved about $65.00 on a CVS shopping trip; but, she only paid $0.15 out of pocket. I, unfortunately, paid $11.00 out of pocket; but we purchased different items. Additionally, I am teaching at least two other friends how to coupon. You just need to talk to your friends about it. You would be surprised at how many people are interested in it but don't know where to start. Plus you can split your spoils to score great bargains, try new products cheaply and expand your makeup collection for a fraction of the price. 

A couple weeks ago I managed to purchase the two tubes of the relatively new Revlon Lash Potion for less than the cost of only one tube. I gave a tube to my 18 year old niece so that she could try it as well. Let me explain how I did it. CVS was having a sale on Revlon Lash Potion. It was reduced from $7.99 down to $5.99 (2x $5.99=$11.98).  Since I had purchased 4 copies of my Sunday paper I had 4 coupons for $1.00 off any Revlon eye product of which I was using two ($11.98 - $2.00=$9.98). CVS was having an additional sale giving an additional $4.00 Extra Care Bucks to spend on my next purchase ($9.98 - $4.00=$5.98). Thus making the final price only $5.98 for two tubes. If you didn't want two tubes of mascara you could purchase an eyeshadow or eyeliner and still get a great bargain. 

Everyone needs basic toiletries right? How about some free razors or pantyliners? I managed to purchase four Venus Embrace razors from Target for free. Well, I had to pay taxes. Target was having a sale on Venus Embrace razors for $5.99 each. So, I combined a $3.00 manufacturer coupon from the Sunday paper with a $3.00 Target coupon from the Sunday paper. I will explain in a future post which coupons can be combined to receive some fabulous savings. In addition to free razors, Target sells the 20 count Always pantyliners for $0.94. Always had $1.00 coupon in the Sunday paper. Since I always purchase 4 copies, I was able to score 80 pantyliners for free, paying only the taxes.

I would recommend Google searching for coupon blogs local to your area. These blogs are vital for providing information not only valid at local branches of national chains but they will also have information on local stores that are not part of any larger chains. Plus many times these local blogs will host coupon classes which are free. It is well worth taking the time to attend one of these classes as they provide valuable information which is relevant to your area. 

Please stay tuned to my blog for the following posts. These posts will focus on beauty products and toiletries. They will not cover grocery couponing. However the principles are the same.

Why would I want to coupon? How do I coupon?
These will help explain the basics of couponing and give some examples.  There are multiple ways to save at both Target and CVS which is why I highly recommend learning to coupon at these two stores first. Thanks for joining me for part one of this four part series on saving money on drugstore makeup.