Sunday, August 4, 2013

Proud Recipient of the Liebster Award

The oh so fantastic Saffy from Saffy Style nominated little ol' me for the Liebster Award. She's pretty amazing so you really should take the time to stop by and check out her blog. The Liebster is an award for new bloggers or bloggers with few followers. This award helps readers discover new blogs and helps bloggers find new readers. 

The things I need to do are as follows:

  • Answer the 11 questions set for me.
  • Tag 11 new bloggers (with under 200 followers)
  • Write a new set of 11 questions for those people.
  • Contact them to let them know.

What's your favorite beauty product that you would recommend to others?
Oh, this is a tough one. I am not sure I could limit it to just one product. Part of the reason this is so hard is because not every product works for every person. So, I think I will say my Ipsy subscription because for $10 a month you get several different products.  Although you may not like one or two of the products included, there will be at least two or three other products that you will enjoy. 


What's the best beauty bargain you have? 

I would have to say that it's my CVS Extra Care Card. The reason I say that is because that little card is responsible for saving me big bucks. For instance, I recently purchased two Revlon Lash Potions for less than the regular price of one! Stay tuned to my blog for exact details on just how I save huge with this little red card. I am currently working on several posts about how to save on drugstore makeup. They will give specific details on how easy it is to save. Stay tuned!

What's your favorite summer item of clothing?

Sandals or flip flops. My current absolute favorites are these super cute black ones with flower detail and coming in a close second are these silver glitter ones. 

What's your favorite beauty brand?

I am going to give two answers, one high end and one drugstore. The high end has to be choice has to be MAC. The offer a wide range of products and they offer colors to suit every skin tone. The drugstore option would have to be Revlon; it's the only drugstore brand with which I could do a full face of makeup.  I have come across one dud in the Revlon line; you can find out what it is by reading my Top Three Tag.

What's your favorite nail varnish?

I was going to say Sinful Colors but I must say that NYC and Wet n Wild both following close behind. The sole reason that Sinful Colors wins is because of the Sinful Shine line in addition to their regular Sinful Colors line.

What are your favorite nail accessories (nail pens, gems, charms, wraps, etc)?

Gems, Gems, and More Gems! And Glitter..... lots of Glitter. 

What are your favorite hair products?

I absolutely love the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm which is a fantastic deep conditioner. I have recently found an affordable replacement for my beloved Fekkai Glossing Spray; the Organix Moroccan Argain Weightless Healing Dry Oil provides great shine along with additional healing properties. 

What are your favorite styling products (straightners, curlers, crimpers, etc)?

It's a toss up between my straightner and my curling iron. I use both of them equally. Neither are anything fancy and I have had both of them for years. 

Describe your blog.

After more than 4 years of blogging I am finally finding my niche which is a chronic illness blog that uses beauty products to help myself and other women stay positive. Living with a chronic illness and with chronic pain is challenging; keeping a positive attitude is extremely important for me. Blogging helps me do just that. 

Why did you start blogging?

Writing has always been cathartic for me. It helps me process some of my feelings so they don't become problematic for me. It's a great place for me to sort through what I am really feelings to remind me to stay positive. Encouraging others is the best way to remind me to encourage myself. 

Who are your top 3 bloggers and why?
My friend Dani from .dani entirely.; although her blog is brand new I know it will go in great directions.  I simply adore my friend Saffy from SaffyStyle and I am a faithful follower of her blog. And recently I have discovered Joy from Mommy's Little Makeup Blog I am really enjoying reading her posts.

I am tagging the following fabulous ladies:

Dani from .dani entirely.

Beth from Chronic Cosmetics
Aubrey from Chronically Fantabulous
Joy from Mommy's Little Makeup Blog

Cassie from Makeup Zealla
Erica from Amateur Makeup Mom
Alicia from Makeup Mama
Maia from Patrine's Thoughts
Sally from Wheelingalong 

My questions for them are as follows:

1. How many lipsticks do you own?
2. If money were no object, what 3 beauty items would you purchase?
3. What drugstore product doesn't get enough love, attention and respect from the beauty community?
4. If you could start a beauty trend, what would it be?
5. You can only purchase from one skincare line for life, which one would it be?
6. Why did you begin beauty blogging?
7. You're backpacking and can only carry three beauty products, which 3 would you carry?
8. What is your favorite type (review, favorites, tutorials, etc) of blog post to write? Why?
9. Which beauty trend or technique works really well for you? Which one doesn't?
10. You can only blog about one brand; which brand would it be?
11. Why is beauty important to you?