Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Learn How to Coupon at Target.

Part #4 in a four part series Never Pay Full Price for Drugstore Makeup. Click here for part #1.Click here for part #2.Click here for part #3

This post is dedicated to saving money on beauty products or other personal care products at Target. Target is continually coming up with new ways to save their customers money. Target offers several ways to save. I will show you four different ways to save money on beauty items and more at Target in addition to manufacturer coupons in the Sunday paper and online.

Manufacturer coupon from the Sunday Paper 

Be on the lookout in the Sunday paper for Target exclusive coupons. You will find them mixed in with the other coupons in the inserts; but, you can also find them inside the Target weekly ad in the Sunday paper. So be sure to check both locations. You will know it's a Target exclusive coupon by the iconic red bullseye. The fantastic thing is that you can utilize a Target coupon (shown below) and a manufacturer coupon (shown above) together in a method known as 'stacking.' For instance this weekend I used a $3.00 off Target coupon for a Venus razor and I stacked it with a $3.00 off manufacturer coupon. Target had Venus Embrace razors on sale for $5.99 so I was able to get the Venus razor for free. Actually my Target allows you to use 4 of the same coupons at once. So I was able to get 4 free Venus Embrace razors for free. However, I did have to pay taxes. In addition to Venus razors I also picked up a box of Tic Tacs and my bill totalled $2.06. That's a savings of over $23.00!!

Target coupon from the Sunday paper

Target also has printable coupons on their website. They can be located at the bottom of any screen at http://www.Target.com or you can click here.

Online Target Coupon Link

You will be able to print two of each of the coupons per computer.  Again the Target exclusive coupons (shown below) can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Again you can use 4 Target coupons stacked with 4 manufacturer coupons. All you need to do in order to use a manufacturer and a Target coupon is to present both coupons to the cashier at the time of your purchase. If I had a L'Oreal $1.00 off coupon and a $1.00 off Target coupon from either the Sunday paper or printed from Target.com I could save $2.00 on a L'Oreal item. 

Printed Target Coupon from the Target Website. 

The next way to save money at Target is with mobile coupons.  Text OFFERS to 827438 to begin receiving Target mobile coupons. Again you can utilize a manufacturer coupon and a mobile coupon. After you set up your text account with Target they will text you a link for coupons. Once you have received the text messages from Target click on the link to discover what savings they are offering. When you are in the store, click on the link in the text and show the cashier the barcode located at the top of the list of coupons. The cashier will scan the barcode and the appropriate discount will be taken off of your purchase. This link can be used multiple times for different items on the list but it can only be used once per item. For instance, you could use it on Monday to save an additional $0.50 on Olay Fresh Effects and you could use it on Wednesday for $5.00 off Venus. However, you can only save $0.50 on Olay Fresh Effects one time. If can use these discounts in addition to using a manufacturer coupon by handing the coupons to the cashier and showing the barcode on your phone to the cashier. 

Target Mobile Coupons

In addition to Target Sunday paper coupons, Target printable coupons and Target mobile coupons, Target has an app called Cartwheel for iPhones and androids. This app will provide you with an additional percentage off of your transaction. So say the Revlon Diamond Collection eyelash curler retails for $10.00. You could use a $2.00 off manufacturer coupon and then show the barcode from the Cartwheel app to the cashier to save an additional $0.40. 

Target Cartwheel App

Now, before you begin thinking that you can combine a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon and the Cartwheel app let me assure you that I have never known Target to run discounts on multiple discount sources at once. Usually if they place a coupon in the Sunday paper they usually do not put it on discount with mobile coupons or Cartwheel.

As you can see having multiple sources for additional coupons can add up to great savings. Target has really upped their game with all the different ways they have to save money. In addition to all of the above ways to save you can apply for the Target Red Card and save an additional 5% on every purchase you make with the Red Card. 

You can stay abreast of all the best deals at Target by visiting Totally Target or by Googling Target matchups 8/14 (use Sunday's date).