Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CVS Beauty Haul

Hubby and I went to our favorite store for a little shopping. We truly enjoy coupon shopping at CVS because we can get some really great bargains.

3 Bags Cotton Balls $3.00 Regular $9.57
Repurchase of basic CVS brand cotton balls.

2 Cans Aussie Hairspray $1.00 Regular $9.98
I am currently using and enjoying Aussie Mega Hairspray. I thought I would give the You Can Shine, hi hold hi shine spray a chance.

1 Bottle CVS Makeup Remover $5.99 Regular $5.99
I have not tried CVS brand eye makeup remover; but to be completely honest the pump top bottle is what sold me. I can refill the bottle since it has a screw top cap with another brand.

2 Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream $5.78 Regular $17.78
Repurchase of this moisturizer I love the light texture to wear under my makeup. It's been selected for my monthly favorites before.

1 Physician's Formula Mineral Airbrushing Powder $2.99 Regular $13.99
New purchase. I have not used Physician's Formula Powder before; but, I enjoy what I have purchased from them before. So I'll give it a go.

1 Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner $2.59 Regular $7.79
Repurchase. This liquid eyeliner is my go to drugstore eyeliner for when my allergies are acting up and causing my eyes to be very weepy. This stuff stays put all day long! It's amazing. 


1 Milani Eye Primer $2.59 Regular $6.39
New purchase. I've heard really great reviews, so my hopes are high.


4 Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliners $13.16 Regular $17.56 
New purchase. I hear amazing things about this eyeliner so I finally decided to give it a try. I will post a full review once I have tried them out.

We spent $37.10 for the items above. We saved $51.95 which is why we love coupon shopping at CVS!