Friday, August 2, 2013

Today's episode of 'Life with a Chronic Illness.'

It's 4 am and I'm awake for no reason.  I snuggle into covers and bury my head in my pillow. I'm hoping to find more sleep. No luck. I finally resign myself to the fact that sleep is not only elusive, it's on the verge of extention. I listen to a Ken Burns documentary on the Netflix app on my phone as his voice is more effective than sleeping pill. Still no luck. I putz around the internet on my phone hoping to Google some sleep. All to no avail.

Every so often insomnia becomes a difficult toddler demanding my full attention. Right now, that particular toddler is screaming his head off commanding that I drop what I'm doing to come check his well being. He doesn't know that I have to work a full day today or that I'm conducting an interview in 5 hours.  Frankly, even if he knew I doubt he'd care. He knows he can scream bloody murder and my attention is all his. Damn, that brat has one set of lungs.  It's probably inappropriate to put a shock collar on a toddler. But, oh how I wish I could.

Actually, all my symptoms are like this cast of characters that come and go in my life at will. Their will, not mine. I swear that pain is an obnoxious, shitty boyfriend who shows up at the least opportune time. I mean he'll just show up at work or when I'm out with friends, just to cause a scene. Why does he have to be such a jerk? I keep telling him that I've moving on but he's just not accepting it. He keeps coming back. Then there are the migraines. They are like a meddling mother who is always up in my business,  just to 'check' on me.  Just when you think your having a good day,  the phone rings and there she is, nagging my ear off. Did I take my medicine, am I getting enough rest, and the yoga is helping, right? Ugh,  why can't these people leave me alone?

I never know when this toddler is going to scream, when that jerk will show up or when my mother will pop by. Oh, there's plenty more too. The list goes on an on. Some days only four or five of them cause me problems but today they are going to keep me hopping. You see,  I keep trying everything I know to shut that brat up but he won't stop screaming. Oh no. My boyfriend is now trying to serenade me outside my window.  Great... He's drunk. Oh, this is not going to be fun.  Now,  my alarm is going off. I'm sure mom will be calling soon to check on me. I gotta go........

It's gonna be a long, busy day.