Monday, August 24, 2009

Having fun

Saturday was a busy day. I got the pleasure of attending Jeremy and Kasey’s wedding.  It was a lovely ceremony and the bride looked radiant. For a young couple they are so in love and are making a great life for themselves in Virginia. However, they are missed by their friends here.
They are part of the “dumpster gang.” Brendon and his friends used to hang out under this big tree at school.  Nearby was the telephone recycling dumpster. So I jokingly called them the dumpster gang. And for the most part this clan has stayed in touch since they graduated two years ago. All of them are now making their way in life and setting out to conquer their own little corner of the world.  It’s interesting to watch these kids grow into adults and set out on their own trail.
After the wedding I had a scrapbooking party to attend! Oh what fun! Two cricuts, five women, tons of paper, glue, embellishments and lots of snacks! Although I was finished with the project I had brought with me from home, which was a beautiful black and white wedding album for the above mentioned bride and groom; I thoroughly enjoyed making a few cards and helping the other women use the cricut. It was a great time of creativity, sharing, laughing and just relaxing! Thanks Tara for opening your home for all of us. We truly appreciate it and I can’t wait for the next one!
Sunday was a very relaxing day. I really didn’t do much of anything as I am still not sleeping well and it’s wearing me thin. So I just lounged and played on the computer since Brendon had to work all day.
For dinner I took my sister to Ted’s Cafe Escondido compliments of my hubby.  Mick had taken an accounting class and Tammy acted as his tutor for the class.  This was Mick’s way of saying Thank You for all of her help with the class. Ta, we truly appreciate all you did to help Mick with his class. Great Big Thank Yous!!!
I truly enjoyed the food at Ted’s, it really it great. And their QUESO! Where we live, when I asked for a cup of queso I got a cup of grated cheese.  Mick and I really do miss great Mexican restaurants. So while there I took a mobile picture of the queso and sent it to my darling Mick and said “mmmmmm queso at Ted’s!” Then I took a picture of the grated cheddar from Ta’s fajitas and said “mmmmmm queso where we live!” Ugh! I  so miss living in the south. But it was great to get out and have a nice meal with just me and my sis. It’s hard to believe that my time here is already half gone, it’s just flying by so quickly!