Sunday, August 16, 2009

School and Sickness

First let’s talk about yesterday. Brendon, Mom and I went to Oklahoma City Community College, OCCC, where Brendon is currently going and the University of Oklahoma, where he hopes to be going this fall. We were trying to get the details about the post 9/11 GI Bill and determine where he will be going to school this fall. We found out that he will not be able to attend school at OU this fall as he is too late to be admitted. This is quite okay, because he has one class left at OCCC before receiving his Associates degree and OU does not offer that one class. So he must spend one more semester at OCCC before transferring to OU. But he can take another class or two at OCCC which will transfer. Now in order to be eligible for the GI Bill he must be attending more than half time. Brendon thought that it would be better for him just to take the one class he needed and just pay for that class out of pocket in order to save all of the GI Bill for OU.  I couldn’t understand why he would want to pay for even one class when he could have it paid for!! So we spent quite some time arguing back and forth about this. I knew that really he was just wanting to slack for a semester and take just this one class which isn’t really even a class.  It’s more of a project that he needs to meet with his teacher once a week on but there is no class time. During this argument as to whether or not he should be taking more than this one class and utilizing the GI Bill of course, my history came up.  I had been offered a full tuition paid scholarship to the University of Central Oklahoma and I declined it in favor of getting married to his Father. Now that I am currently 40 and unemployable due to my many health concerns I don’t think I missed out on anything (not that I ever felt like missed a great opportunity by not taking the scholarship). But the fact is that I lived my life on my terms and did exactly what I pleased. However, Brendon’s situation is a bit different because he is wanting to pursue a degree. I even asked Brendon what he would advise Erik if he was the one with this opportunity. Brendon said that of course Erik should take the GI Bill and take a couple of extra classes to have his school paid for. So for the life of me I couldn’t understand why Brendon would want to do anything different than that. But the truth is that I wanted him to do it and therefore, Brendon wanted to do the exact opposite. Just because kids can be that way!!! But he went to work in the evening and came to his senses. He decided it would be for the best to take the GI Bill, have school paid for and receive a monthly stipend too! So I’m glad that he’s decided to help himself out. And it was a nice opportunity for me to really revisit that time in my life and to realize once again (20 years later) that not going to college was the right decision for me. Because right now other than a diploma on the wall, it would not be benefiting me at all.
Today, Brendon had the day off and it would have been an excellent opportunity to spend the day doing something fun with him. However, my body had other plans. I had gotten a great full night of sleep I felt great in the morning. I did enjoy a good hour of playing Wii with the boy.  But then I went to the grocery store with Mom and BOOM!!!! Migraine!! ARGH!!! But I took my meds in hopes of getting rid of it quickly. I even helped Mom make chicken soft tacos for dinner. I also secretly hoped that eating something healthy would help relieve me of my headache. I also had a soda while cooking and eating dinner because sometimes the caffeine will help ease a migraine. But no such luck. So after dinner I took another dose of meds and then a nap.  Again… relief! I was quite bummed because Erik called and was hoping to go out and do something fun with the two of us but I had to decline.  So the boys went bowling but not before bringing me some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from Braums!!! Thank you Brendon! And the ice cream was the magic ingredient to cure my headache. I had been prepared to give myself a shot in order to finally get rid of that nasty headache but the ice cream was better than a shot of Toradol. THANK GOD!!! because the ice cream felt much better than a shot did too!!!!
Brendon and I did get the application for the post 9/11 GI Bill filled out. I am so excited about being able to provide this benefit to him. He has been paying for school for 2 years now by himself. But now that he has just about received his associates degree it’s time for him to move to a four year school like OU. And I’m not really sure he could afford it even though he’s living with my parents and working full time. So by being able to have school paid for it will certainly be an excellent opportunity to give him a great start in life once school is over. 
All in all today was a mixed blessing. I was able to help my kid apply for his scholarship, we had great fun playing the Wii together, and I enjoyed helping Mom cook dinner. But the headache put a damper on the like a wet blanket all evening. But I am grateful that I was able to get out of it without taking a shot. Because I always experience drug hangover the next day. So since I’ve been home I’ve been struggling with getting my body to cooperate.I have to remind myself to just be grateful because I could have it alot worse. So tomorrow will be a better day!