Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Proud Momma

I am sooooo proud of my son! He traded in his 1990 Pontiac TransSport van for a new car.
102_2647For those of you that know Brendon you know that this van was appropriately dubbed the P.O.S. It is loaded with problems and parts have been replaced from the salvage yard. But Brendon never complained about driving such an atrocity. He was just grateful to have a vehicle that got him from point A to point B.
We went shopping for a new car in hopes of being able to trade in the van on the cash for clunkers program.  He was able to get $4500 out of this van!! We paid $400 for it! So it’s crazy that he was able to get that much for a trade in.  I’m not an Obama fan, but my son says, Thank You for giving him WAY more than POS was worth!
He bought a 2009 Chevy  Aveo with a sticker price of $15,000 but after trade in and discounts it was $8300. He qualified for the loan at the age of 19, without a co-signer!! I am so proud that he hasn’t let himself fall into the credit card and debt trap.  He has a great credit record and only suffers from lack of credit.
He has named her “Radio.”  He loves the movie “Radio” and we frequently quote it to each other.  Plus Radio was a little ‘special’ and so is this car as it does have some minor hail damage.  Or maybe it’s the fact that he feels ‘special’ driving it because this is the first manual transmission he’s ever driven, so we do a lot of chugging, killing the engine and barking the tires.  Plus there is the fact that Radio Flyers are red, his favorite color.
It’s a nice looking little car and I am so proud of him for being able to take on and handle this debt all by himself! He’s such a great kid, I am so blessed to say that he’s mine.   Brendon I love you great big bunches and I’m lucky to be your Mom!!!