Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 70th Birthday Dad

Wishing my dad a very very happy 70th birthday!
My Dad was born in Northwestern Oklahoma on August 3, 1939. He grew up in a rural community with hard working parents who taught he and his 3 siblings morals, integrity and the value of a dollar earned.
My Dad entered the Air Force in 1963 where he served as a hydraulic specialist, testing planes  and keep our country's airmen safe.
Dad22While in the Air Force he met and married my Mom, a small town girl from south central Arkansas. On August 7th they will be celebrating 45 years of happily wedded bliss. One of my favorite things about my Dad is that he and my Mom never really fought.  The worst thing my Dad ever said to my mother is “Damn it, Barbara Ann!” Now he did say that quite frequently.  When I was child, if you asked me what my Mom’s name was I was liable to tell you, “Damn it, Barbara Ann!”
   GoofyDad Circa 1970 something, my Dad is painting the carport that he built! As the youngest child, I was frequently used to hold wrenches or retrieve dropped nuts while my Dad was working on any given project.  My Dad has never been one to be idle.  He once brought home a Cub Cadet lawn tractor in parts and 5 gallon buckets, by the time he was done it looked brand new! He’s amazing with his hands. Thanks to him I certainly know which end of a screwdriver to use!
This photo is from the early 80s and was taken at my Grandmother’s house where we would visit so my father could go hunting.  My Dad taught me all about shotguns and how to shoot.  I have very very very fond memories of going hunting with my Dad and his brothers.  I, however, couldn’t quite keep up with them and when they would break for coffee and doughnuts, I would stay in the truck and sleep until they got back! I was blessed to learn such a valuable lessons from my Dad, so I could pass the information off to my own son.
My Dad is an avid fisherman. And I would tell you that he’s an ace at it too. But he frequently gets outfished by my Mom! They own a lake property and they both take great joy from fishing and enjoying the lake with their family.  Here he is with my niece, his oldest granddaughter in the early 90s. The kids always loved helping Papa drive the boat. They always felt so big!
100_0055 My Dad and my son at the World’s Longest Yard Sale which runs highway 127 all the way through Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.  My Dad is holding an old hand plow and yes it’s upside down for easier wheeling around. We had such a good time on that trip.  My Dad even wanted to get some hand crafted handles for some of his garden decor similar to this hand plow and he ended up taking us into Amish country in search of handles!! But he got his handles and they are proudly displayed in his garden. Since retirement my Dad has become an amazing gardener.  He’s always been a gifted gardener; he’s kept one rose bush alive since 1970!!! But since retirement, he’s been able to spend time in his garden and his devotion really shows….. It’s beautiful! I’ll post pictures while I’m home!
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I LOVE YOU GREAT BIG BUNCHES AND I AM BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A GREAT DAD! THANKS FOR ALL THE LESSONS YOU TAUGHT ME… BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THEY DID SINK IN! I realized this when one day when I was carrying my son's trombone. I said as I handed the trombone back to Brendon, "Here take this, I don't play the trombone!" I remember some man saying that same thing to me about my clarinet or bassoon!