Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Numbers Game

13 days, 4 months, $181.00, 6 hours, $22.00, and 1:30am. So I bet by now you are asking what all of this means. So let me explain where all these numbers fit into my day.
13 days, the number of days until I go home and get to spend time with the kiddo. He is such an awesome guy and I miss him so much. He’s funny, witty and always brings a smile to my face. He’s really doing well, taking a couple of online summer classes at college, working at the bowling alley full time now, and generally enjoying life. I would say doing what most 19 year olds are doing. But I’m not sure that most 19 year olds are as together as he is. He’s getting a clue about life and it’s nice to see.
4 months, the amount of time I have left here in Washington.

$181.00, the amount of money we spent for Miss Ginger’s chemotherapy meds. Each pill costs $3.00 each and she has to take 3 pills each night. So it adds up very very quickly. And we are spoiled because our personal health care coverage is so great that we don’t pay nearly that much for my meds and I’m on quite a few. So it’s always a hard pill to swallow, pardon the pun, when we have to shuck out that much for medication!
6 hours, the amount of time we have to wait before giving my sweet puppy her eye medicine.  She does have a big scratch on it and we have to put antibiotic gel in her eyes every 6 hours. She’s been on the medication for 5 days now and I had hoped we would see some improvement but we haven’t yet.
$22.00, the amount of my new Vera Bradley bag that matches my laptop bag. I needed something to carry my external storage in when I travel. I had found one at Barnes and Noble but it wasn’t nearly as cute as this one!!!!! My external drive fits perfectly in it with a little room to spare for the cords! Sometimes life can be magical! It’s the little things that make me so happy!
102_2476 102_2477
1:30am, the current time and I’m nowhere near sleep. Which is very typical for me. So that’s not unusual. What is weird is that our new duplex neighbors are still up and blowing smoke in our windows. Oh, that’s not weird…… but the fact that the baby (maybe 18 months) is still awake, should be considered weird. I even over hear the mom say to her as she is crying, “No more candy.” Uhhhh, ya think???!!!! It’s one thirty in the morning, maybe the baby should be in bed instead of eating candy! Ah, we are soooooo blessed by our white trash neighbors! Madness…….it’s just plain madness. And I continually know more and more about this neighbor as the days pass into weeks. She is soooooo loud that I hear every conversation she has while she is on the phone. I know that she’s on her boyfriend’s mother’s cell phone plan. And the mother is not happy because the loudmouth is burning through the minutes too quickly. And the loudmouth, doesn’t care about this. And I question the relationship with the boyfriend, because apparently he recently got drunk and bedded another girl.  I also know that loudmouth can’t afford to go anywhere because she doesn’t have enough money for gas, but I certainly know that she can afford cigarettes. She’s outside smoking enough to put 2 tanks a week in her car!
So it seems that today has been a numbers. And normally this would not be a good thing for me as I’m not a numbers person. My sister got that gene. But it was a good day. Out shopping, doing homework, taking care of Miss Ginger and just enjoying life. I realize that my life is far from perfect, but it keeps me darn happy. I’m not sure what more I could expect from life, or ask for out of life. I hope that all of you are finding the same satisfaction with your life that I am with mine. I’m truly blessed. And I’m sending my blessings your way!!!! Muah!