Sunday, November 29, 2009


My life is a thing of beauty. I am constantly amazed at the depths of love for my family, my friends, myself. How is it possible that with so many health problems I can still find bliss? What could I possibly have to smile about when my body delivers such misery daily? Let me show you why my life is extraordinary, even though my body isn’t.
Brendon B-Bergman028
First and foremost is my son! He taught me so much about growing up. Even as an infant he showed me what was important in life. He is the reason I am sane, thoughtful, generous and kind. I am blessed to be his Mom!
Cruising, I have been on 7 cruises through Mexico and the Caribbean. Having seen the beauty of this world reminds me that I am graced to be able such beautiful wonders. Having seen some area’s that don’t have the luxuries we live with gives me  gratitude for things I have.
My sense of humor! I came to work one Halloween dressed as a Saloon Girl. Imagine my horror when I discovered I had to give a briefing to a small room of Majors and Sr Master Sgts dressed like this. Luckily  I had made a wrap to go around my top. So I wore the wrap and a big smile! My enthusiasm for dress up was duly noted by all the gents in the room! This is but one small example of the things I manage to get myself into.
My Creativity. I love quilting, scrapbooking, creating things that others will enjoy. It’s a great way to enjoy the more colorful side of life while making gifts to give to others. I love the fact that I am talented enough to do these things. I also love sharing these talents with my Mom and my sister. Mom and I always enjoy quilting together and my sister always schedules a day to scrapbook when I’m home.

Photography and Photoshop. I love creating things with pictures. Pictures capture a moment in time leaving us with a visual memento  of who we were. I love having the ability to manipulatethose moments and turn them into a treasure that others can enjoy.
Even though my body sometimes limits what I can do. I still have an amazing full life, one in which I can laugh, express, relate and most importantly, love. I try to ensure that those that I care about know exactly how I feel but sometimes I forget or even can’t express my inner emotions for them. But I hope that my treatment of the relationships that are important expresses for me what words sometimes cannot.
Life is Beauty, Love is Poetic,
I am a vision, I am a song,
Feelings bring longing,
Can emotions be wrong?
Life is Wonder, Love is dynamic,
I am a miracle, I am a revolution,
Changes bring growth,
Can yearning be transformation?
Life is Awe, Love is Epic,
I am a concept, I am a drama,
Passions bring hunger,
Can infatuation be manna?
Life is Grace, Love is Lyric,
I am a triumph, I am a whimsy,
Conquests bring desire,
Can deeds be peril?
Life is Abstruse, Love is Malady,
I am a captive, I am a plight,
Devotions bring caveats,
Can contrition give flight?