Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yesterday, Christmas came early at my house. I received a book that I have anxiously been awaiting. It was sent to me from the author himself from Ireland and was signed! I feel like a kid in a candy store!!!! It’s the first book I’ve ever had signed directly to me! I am so terribly excited.  I should be getting the house ready for the movers but instead………………………..TIAH

My brain is working overtime these days. I suppose it’s all the changes that I am going thru. So poetry is just something that’s happening right now.  It gets stuck in my head…..so I just write to give it a voice and get rid of it.

In another life,
In another time,
If life could be different,
If I could be the same.
In a body that’s healthy,
In a mind that’s not sick,
If life was a fairy tale,
If I were a princess.
In bright, bold colors,
In red, green and yellow,
If life were a painting,
If I were a vision.
In a simple story,
In pages of a book,
If life was easy,
If I was free.