Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bowling for Soup………..

December 19th Brendon and Mary, his friend, went to see a group called Bowling for Soup.  If you listen to any pop music you would know them best from the song 1985.  I have come to know and love this group even more than just that song because of Brendon and his friends.  They are a quirky fun group that believes in having fun, telling it like it is, and entertaining people.  This particular concert was at a small venue in Oklahoma City and the kids got their tickets signed by the band. I am insanely jealous that I was not able to attend this concert with the kids. BUMMER!! They even had a chance to have pictures taken with the band!
BFS Erik Mary, Erik and Brendon
BFS gary
Mary, Gary and Brendon
BFS Chris
Mary, Chris and Brendon
BFS Jaret
Mary, Jaret and Brendon
Now my favorite Bowling for Soup memory is four years ago at Brendon’s 16th birthday.  Bowling for Soup was having a concert at Frontier City’s Amphitheater.  So I took Brendon and his friends, all girls, to see the concert.  As they sang 1985 it dawned on me that 20 years prior, it was 1985, I was turning 16 and I was working for that theme park.  I just found it ironic that 20 years later I would find myself back at that same theme park listening to a group sing about the time when I was working there. I am so glad they had a great time!