Tuesday, December 15, 2009


102_3330Today the road lies ahead of us long and cold.  The snow covers the landscape and the car covers the miles.  I enjoy remebering the  travels I have had with Ginger. It’s bittersweet as we stay in the same hotels I have previously stayed in with her. For the ten plus years I have been together she always traveled with me and I miss her.  I would love to be able to tell you that today w102_3332as as inspirational as yesterday was.  The truth is that I found myself with a major migraine and giving myself in the car as we passed through Utah.  I slept most of the day  off and on.  I’m afraid that I wasn’t much of a companion.  Watching the snow go by my window as I traveled through Idaho, Utah and Colorado has made me grateful for the fact that I brought my Korean mink blanket with me in the car. 102_3335 I have stayed cozy and warm while the cold flies by my window.  I have been posting updates on both Facebook and Twitter throughout our journey.  The amount of warmth I have received back has been tremendous.  I have loved everyone’s support of our safety and well wishes for our journey.  The journey from Washington feels much more heartwarming than the journey to Washington.  It’s good to be coming home. Wherever home is.