Thursday, December 10, 2009

Almost leaving……..

I know that it’s cold most places around the country right now.  But the cold here just seems miserable.  Wait, maybe it’s everything about here that’s miserable.  102_3287 The movers have boxed all of the things and have taken the boxes. I have to wonder how many things are in those boxes that I will end up wishing I hadn’t packed?!!?! Oh, well! I am sure I can either live without it or buy a new one.  It’s odd to think about the fact that I am not going to see my things again for at least 10 months.  When you stop and look at this differently, I will be homeless effective tomorrow.  Now, I have made a lot of moves in my life and I am by no means about to slow down now; but, this is the first time I have every been homeless. I will be living out of a suitcase, floating from place to place.I have come to realize in the past few days that I really and truly have not been happy here.  I have been really miserable and I miss the me that isn’t miserable.  I am quirky, perky, and love to have fun.  I have really missed that part of me. So I decided that I would just leave the sad, depressed version of me up here. I am certain run into the old me along the way and I’ll pick her up! She’s much more fun.  So I decided to help find the old me by attending a Lady Gaga concert with my Mary (a friend of my son’s who has become like a daughter to me). This will give me something amazing and exciting to look forward to  instead of focusing on the fact that my life has just been turned upside down. I know I have a lot of friends that would love to be in my position to be able to travel for a year and just go do whatever their heart desires.  So for all of my friends that can’t go I promise I will go and live it up for you.  I will then share all my details here in the blog so you may live vicariously through me.  There are so many of you that I am planning on coming to visit next year.  I will tell you that you better get your dancing shoes on because I am ready to party!!!!
It’s time to stop focusing on being sick.  I know that what I have won’t kill me and I’ve been living with the symptoms for years now.  So what if I have to do things differently than other people. For instance, I got four hours of sleep last night, even though I am taking a sleeping pill. Obviously, the nerves in my body just don’t want me to have a normal sleeping pattern.  This symptom started when I was about 15  so I’ve lived about 25 years with it.  I will sleep when my body allows.  So if I come visit you and need a nap at 2 in the afternoon, you’ll just have to understand.  There are occasions when my body won’t let me sleep at all. Eh, such is life. FYB
So get ready for my visit because we are going to have a great time. In the meantime, I have a mammogram to get to. Both my Mom and my Aunt Sue are breast cancer survivors, so mammograms and self breast exams are something I pay due diligence to.  As should every other woman I know.  Early detection helped save their lives and their breasts!