Monday, December 28, 2009

Enjoying home………..

Merry Christmas (well, Merry Monday after Christmas) and Happy New Year.  We have been enjoying time with my family and time in Oklahoma City even though it was blanketed with 14.1 inches of snow just prior to our arrival.
The amazing beauty of Colorado as we were driving to Oklahoma.
The Cross at Groom, Texas just outside of Amarillo.102_3411 
A beautiful cloudy Texas evening sun!
After one terrible night in lodging on base we opted to stay in Residence Inn since it’s such a great hotel.
My youngest niece Kaitlyn, with “Sprout” Brookelynn (Brittany’s baby) on her lap, my sister Tammy, my oldest niece Brittany, me and my Mom.
Sprout helping Brendon play DJ Hero!!
Kaitlyn reading Sprout’s book to her while she hangs on to her new Teddy.

The snow outside the door of our hotel.  It’s at least 18'” deep!! We don’t normally see this much snow in Oklahoma City so navigating around the city has been quite a chore!!
They dozed the snow off of our hotel parking lot so there were clear spaces to park and drive but they left HUGE mounds of snow!