Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Big Bang

Every Wednesday the kids and I attend a local performance art show call Bang Bang.  They have recently begun producing larger shows once a month on Saturday called the Big Bang. Brendon and Mary decided they needed to perform a song from the Scott Pilgrim movie. 


Mary and Brendon having a last minute heart to heart before the performance.

Mary, who can sometimes be reserved or shy about performing, strutted onto the stage and took command.

She owned the stage! She was so confidant and self assured.  Not to mention the fact that she sings beautifully.

Brendon did a great job on bass guitar.  

They are looking forward to performing again at the Big Bang.

It might seem that she is mad in this picture but she wasn't! It was all attitude! It was about being in the moment and being sassy!!

After the performance Mary changed into her male persona to lip sync.  

It was awesome how convincing she was as a man. I saw this person walk through the crowd but had no idea it was MARY!

She was lip syncing to a song by Steven Lynch which is hysterical and completely inappropriate. 

Her performance was so convincing, that she was asked many times if she was really singing!

Mary is such a talented performer and really entertained the crowd.  

This was such an amazing night and we all had so much fun.  It's great to get out and enjoy life with my kids.

Brendon and Heather.  She is the first friend he made when we moved from San Antonio to Oklahoma! 

Mary looking great and being excited about the show!!

Lead Singer Mary, personal assistant Heather and Bassist Brendon!! What a great combination!

Jacob, Mary, Heather and Brendon.  It was a packed house, an amazing show and I can wait to do it again.