Friday, March 9, 2012

Brendon vs The Tricycle

b vs t 1

Tricycles (a motorcycle with covered side car) are an important part of daily life in the Philippines. They are the preferred choice of transportation for short distances.  The biggest challenge,  however, is that they are designed with Filipinos in mind, not 6’2” Americans. Challenge on! He is a gracious sport and willingly takes on the challenge with a smile on his face! Can he manage to bend himself enough to fit into a tiny side car? Who will win in this game of man vs machine?

b vs t 2

As you can clearly see the side car is significantly shorter than my son.  Let the human folding begin!!!! It’s quite humorous to see my little boy, who grew into a very tall young man, fold himself up in order to fit into a tricycle. It might actually be easier to stick him in a box and mail him to our destination. He bends, folds, contorts his body until his head is able to clear the ‘doorway’. He wiggles his way into the seat; ducking and crouching since there is not enough room for him to sit straight up.  He looks like a rabbit crouching with his little paws dangling in front of him.  It’s quite entertaining and he takes it all in stride.

b vs t 3

I am so blessed to be able to experience these things with my son and friend! He means the world to me and I am so thrilled to be able to share the world with him!
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