Friday, March 2, 2012


Yesterday was such a beautiful day!  It was a very pleasant 65 degrees, the sun was out and it almost felt like spring.  My sister sent me a text asking if I20120301_1800342 wanted to take a walk in  our local park after she finished working.  I gladly said, “YES!”   So my sister and friend, my niece and friends, and I went to the park to soak up some fine Oklahoma sunshine! 

The ducks and the geese were taking advantage of the weather by floating the pond. We adults walked the 1 mile track around the park 3.5 times while the kids met some new friends and played basketball. It was great just to be outside, be getting in my workout with the sun on my face, and Skyping on the go with Arnold.  I love having Skype on my phone. Even though Arnold is thousands of miles away I felt like he was right there walking with me.  Modern technology sure makes long distance relationships much much easier. After we finished our three and a half mile walk we sat and watched the kids play basketball. Ok, maybe there was more silliness and giggling than shooting going on but it was entertaining.  The fun part was that Arnold was able to watch them play too with the video chat thru Skype on my phone.  I love the fact that he is able to be part of these events and get to know my family before he comes here.  We all already feel like he is part of the family.
Being able to enjoy the good ol’ out of doors, made me feel so refreshed.  It got me thinking about exercise,20120301_1801402 feeling healthy, feeling relaxed and whole.  It made me realize that I haven’t had a panic attack in several weeks.  It also reminded me that I have been sleeping better as a whole. (Ohhh, sleep…. I need to dedicate a post to sleep!) I have been gradually increasing my workouts, eating healthier, feeling more calm, and just feeling more ‘normal.’  Have I found my magic key to the self-fulfilling prophecy of good health? I mean I know my version of good health will never be the same as a non-chronically sick person. I guess I always thought that a ‘healthy’ person should be able to work full time, take care of their home and family, work out strenuously, sleep restfully every night and manage stress easily.  Now, I see that my brand of ‘healthy’ is being about to walk 3-5 miles easily, work part time, be an active online Chiari supporter, sleep all night 3 nights a week, and to be able to recognize when I am being overly emo due to stress. So what if there’s laundry in the hamper or a few dishes in the sink.  Maybe this is the balance I have longed for.  Am I happier because I feel healthier?  Or is it the other way around?  Am I still going to have days where I am bedridden with pain? Sure and that’s ok because the other days are really coming into focus.  Life is Good!
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