Friday, February 14, 2014

Flower Cream Shadow vs L'Oreal Infallible

Welcome to another fun head to head product showdown. I really enjoy taking two products that are either exact duplicates or very close dupes and put them to the test to see which one comes out on top. Its a lot of fun when I can find a cheaper product that performs just as well if not better than the higher priced one. So for this post I am comparing the Flower Color Play Cream Eyeshadow in Wild Geranium. 

Flower Cream in Wild Geranium vs L'Oreal Infallible in Amber Rush
The most obvious difference is the shadow formula. Flower is, of course, a cream and the L'Oreal is a pressed pigment that is very creamy. The L'Oreal has more shine and more wow; whereas, the the Flower shadow seems lackluster at best.
Flower Cream in Wild Geranium vs L'Oreal Infallible in Amber Rush
The shades are almost a dead match. The Flower shadow has a tinge more pink; whereas, the L'Oreal has just the tiniest amount of gold in it. However, I will say that the difference is negligible. The texture of both is very, very similar. They are both lightweight and creamy.

Flower Cream in Wild Geranium vs L'Oreal Infallible in Amber Rush
You can see in the swatches look quite similar. Similar enough that you can't truly tell the difference once they are on the eyes. I am wearing Flower over the lid on the left and L'Oreal on the lid on the right,  MAC Orb blended out above the crease, and a tiny bit of a matte chocolate brown from Wet n Wild. All shadows were applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion. This photo was taken about 6 hours after applying the shadows. If you look closely, you can see that the L'Oreal Infallible is beginning to fade and get patchy; whereas the Flower cream is still going strong with no creasing or fading. 

I was quite surprised to learn how well the Flower Color Play Cream Shadows held up better than the L'Oreal Infallible shadow. I'm not a huge fan of cream shadows but this one is really impressive. I am really glad I did this challenge as it was interesting to see how they held up next to each other.

Have you tried any of the Flower Cream shadow? Have you tried anything from the Flower line?

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