Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Warm Nude

Welcome to my blog where today we are talking about my new Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips. I owned a couple of these palettes in the older formula. You can find my review on them here. So the question is, since I own two of the older palettes do I need the new one? Well, I asked my blogging buddy and resident Physicians Formula expert,   , if she thought I needed them. Now, I trust Betti's opinion as she's a straight shooter; but trusting it and agreeing with it could be quite difference in practice. 

Let's talk about the Shimmer Strips All in 1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes. This little gem comes with a sponge tip applicator and a flat brush. This palette was very well thought out and designed to be a great multipurpose product. The instructions explain to use row one as a highlight, row two as a base on the lid, row three to contour, and row four as an eyeliner. It can also be swirled together as an all over highlighter, row two as a blush and rows three and four as a contour. 

This entire palette is shimmery so if you feel the need for some nude to blend out all the shimmer you will need to add it from another palette.  The squares are just big enough to get a single color if you are using a sponge tip applicator or a small brush. If you are using a larger brush there is a good chance you will pick up more than one color. I will tell you that I prefer using a sponge tip with this palette as it provides a more metallic finish.

My sister, Tammy, graciously let me use her arm for swatches as my arm is too fair and the nude colors don't show up very well. The first time I swatched this palette, "Whoa! That's pigmentation." I am blown away. The colors are opaque and vibrant. The texture is definitely creamier than the old formula. and there is more variations in the color. 

In order to effectively explain the difference in the old shimmer strips nude palette and the new one I placed swatches of both on Tammy's arm. This picture speaks for itself.

I completely agree with Betti on this palette. Even if you own the old palette it's definitely worth purchasing the new palette. The colors are so much more pigmented and smooth. Physicians Formula has done a great job reformulating these shadows. 

The Shimmer Strips palette is available in Warm Nude, which I own, and Natural Nude. 

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― Daniel Nayeri