Friday, February 21, 2014

Face Five Challenge

Welcome to another fun filled tag! The premise is simple, create an entire fabulous face using only 5 single products. This adventure is the brainchild of the oh so fabulous Tanya from Leopard, Lace and Cheesecake. Tanya is a newer blogger in the blogosphere but she is a total class act blogging and creating YouTube video. She's a complete doll and deserves major kudos for this fun challenge.  Tanya brought together some amazing bloggers for the Face Five Challenge. We have Betti from Makeup Asylum who is an a beautiful woman inside and out. She's a straight shooter and will pull no punches. Want to know the real 411? Go visit her blog for the real deal, Miss Betti's got your back! We also have Ashley Maria of Ashley Maria, Love, Life, Beauty; this doll has a flawless face and a heart of gold. Deep and beautiful, it's an amazing combination. Her blog has a strong focus on beauty but she occasionally spills her poetic soul on her page showing us the true depth of her beauty. Another newcomer to the blogospher Keisha from Chrysalis Gals; a Bermudian beauty with eyes to kill. Seriously, I am mesmerized and enamored with her eyes. Her blog is a tantalizing mix of beauty, beauty DIY, and great information. All of these ladies are fantastic bloggers and amazing women. I highly recommend you go check them out. Plus you MUST go see their Face Five Challenge post as well. Tanya, Betti, Ashley, Keisha and I thank you for your interest in our fun little challenge.  

What's next? Ah, yes, the rules!
Face Five Challenge 

1. Use Five and only Five products to create a complete makeup look.
2. Each different product counts as 1 product.
    Multipurpose products count as 1 product, such as Benetint, Bombshell the One Stick, Nars Multipurpose Stick. 

3. No palettes are allowed. No trios, quads or multi-shade palettes.
4. Tag Five others to complete the Face Five Challenge
5. Have Fun! 

My five items are:

1. CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation in L2
2. Physicians Formula Nude Wear Powder in Light
3. Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Hot Tamale
4. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
5. MAC Zoom Lash

Creativity is KEY to succeeding in this challenge. I used my the TruBlend as foundation and added a few more dots for concealer. You can still see my freckles. I didn't even try to get to full coverage. I lightly swirled the Nude Wear powder all over my face as it gives a nice glow. I also used some of it on my lids as sort of a nude eyeshadow. I used the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer to lightly contour, to deepen the crease of my eyelid and as an eyebrow powder. It's a little light but what's a girl to do? I used a small stipple brush to swirl the Dream Bouncy blush on my cheeks. I also used it to give my lips some color as well. Now here comes the super challenging part. I used Zoom Lash as an eyeliner. I grabbed my eyeliner brush and used the glob on the end of the mascara wand as eyeliner. I went through four mascaras before I found one that would work. Some are too dry, some are too wet, one made my eyes burn. This one is not waterproof so I would NEVER use this in real life. Then I used it as a mascara as well. There you have it, a light, fresh face that is still a full face of makeup. 

So can you manage to do an entire face of makeup with only 5 single items?

Consider yourself challenged ladies:
Rebecca from Hhello Pretty Bird
New Blogger and My Friend, Kelly from Lipstick and Fabulosity
Even if you aren't officially challenged we would LOVE to see your Face Five!

Beauty is what you feel about yourself, not about what you see in the mirror. 

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