Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Secrets about Me.

I thought I’d let some of you in on some things about me that you may or may not know. It’s now like 2 am and sleep seems to be rather elusive so I thought I’d have some fun with my blog.

1. I love love love pens. Yes, writing utensils. I have no idea where this little fetish came from but I adore pens!! I can tell you which ones I bought and from where, which ones were gift, and even which ones were stolen! Now, this is where it gets really odd.  If I like you I can give you a pen, but only if I have one just like it.  But if I really really like you then I can give you a pen and not have one just like and I won’t even be jealous about it. I even have a small wooden chest just for my pens! Sad, I know!


2. When I was 18 I joined the Army to be a dental assistant. But I really wanted to go into Linguistics and study Russian. When I was in Basic Training I was recruited for language school but was told that Russian would be too hard.  But another private (male) who scored lower than I did on the testing was “encouraged” to choose Russian over German. ARGH!!!! That leads me into the next one.


3. Shalunya… for those that don’t know means naughty little girl in Russian. Like a girl that should be in the corner for doing something bad. My Russian teacher didn’t care for slang and this was one term she didn’t like. She called me Michelle.  Actually MEEE-shell. Actually most people knew me by Michelle when I was in the Army. I even joined the Russian Choir while I was studying at DLI! This is me in my pregnancy smock right after graduation from DLI.. I was 6 months pregnant with Brendon at the time.


4. I thought I was adopted when I was growing up.  Yeah there were the mundane differences like I had straight hair and my other family members had curly.  But for me the kicker was that everyone else in my family had 15 letters in their name and I had 18! Actually in both my maiden name and my current name I have double letters in all three names!

5.My first job was as a magician’s assistant at the local theme park, Frontier City. The high school band was working the theme park as a fund raiser for a trip to Orlando.  And the first day I was working the carnival games the magician walked by and asked if I’d like to be in the magic show. It was the greatest job at the park! I only worked 30 minutes every 2 hours and the rest of the time I was free to roam the park!

Frontier City01

Yep….that’s me in the box! They started this trick with just an empty metal frame and place the plexiglass on all 6 sides covered it with a cloth and PRESTO!!! Instant Renee’!!

Frontier City02

Sadly, I was too tall to comfortably fit into this one…. So I got to assist. Look… just like Vanna White!

6. My sister, who has been my best friend and my worst enemy all my life, gave me valium when I was very young, I was just learning to walk. She was playing doctor and she got into my Mom’s  drugs and gave me an untold quantity of valium. I’m convinced this is part of the reason I am so quirky today.


This is her favorite picture!!! (LOL) She’ll love me for this one!

7. While I was in high school band, I played clarinet, bass clarinet and bassoon. I even learned to play the fight song on the piccalo, just to irratate the band director.  My senior year the band was going to Orlando on a band trip.  My Mom usually accompanied the band on trips but for this one I didn’t want my Mom to go. I was such a brat that I told my Mom either she was going to I was going but not both of us. Sorry Mom, I was such a brat!!!

DCHS Band 102

I am on the left.

DCHS Band 101

8. I once dressed as Pebbles from the Flintstones for an office Halloween contest. My boss played Bam Bam. It was quite an interesting day. All the costumes were hand made. Sadly we didn’t win. I used a temporary hair color, which wasn’t so “temporary!!” I was orange for weeks.


Well, for now that’s all the secrets I’m willing to divulge.
I hope everyone is doing well and feeling great.