Sunday, July 19, 2009

Star of Wonder table runner

In the meantime I am working on finishing the wedding present for Sean and Katie who are currently honeymooning in Hawaii. I felt bad about not being able to finish their full present before the wedding but since the present is for Christmas I figured they wouldn’t mind if it was a little late.  I am making a Nativity scene table runner, four placemats, four napkin rings and a couple of towels too. I finished the table runner and have already given it to them.
So now I am working on the placemats and thought I would show everyone how it’s done! I am doing this project from Art to Heart’s Star of Wonder by Nancy Halvorsen. This is the photo from her book.
First you need to determine what pieces you need to cut.  This also shows the placement of the pieces on the placemat.
Next you have to trace each piece on Heat N Bond. It’s paper on one side and a thin layer of glue that it heat activated. You have to trace each piece separately. Making four placemats means a lot of little pieces. You have to label each so you don’t get confused where they go.
Next you have to choose what fabric you are going to use for each piece. This can be a daunting task!! I don’t have the exact fabrics they used in the book but I have a nice collection of other fabric which fits quite nicely. The ones in the plastic bags are neatly organized from a previous project.
Once you’ve made your choice then you have to iron each piece onto the back side of the fabric.
Then you have to cut each piece out.
These are some of the other pieces I already have cut out.   
Once I get all these little pieces cut out I will bring you along on the next part of the journey!