Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top 10 List for Living Well

1. Celebrate my relationships NOW!
Don't miss what is now for what used to be, soon enough it will end and then I will miss what I have now.

2. Lose the rose colored glasses.
It's ok to share with my family, friends and doctors what ails me, it's only when they know that they can assist me in healing.

3. Don't count sacrifices.
Accept support, love and gifts with grace no matter what form it comes in. Be accepting without feeling indebted to the giver.

4. Enjoy MY blessings.
Never ever forget that I still have gifts/talents to share. God has blessed me and I should share ME with those close to me and with those I barely know.

5. Utilize and appreciate my support system.
Remember that I have many to call on when I need help. Also remember to share my good days by taking a moment to brighten someone else's day.

6. Embrace whatever works for me.
If I find comfort in it, who cares what others think? Embrace what makes me unique, who cares if I am special enough to need geriatrics at 36?

7. Enjoy MY life for what it is and for what I have.
No matter how long I live there will always be those that are better off than me and those that are worse off than me. So just enjoy the here and now.

8. Spend my time wisely.
You can't save time, you can only spend time. When you go someplace where there are NO timesaving devices you find that you have LOTS of time.

9. Rediscover passion often.
Enjoy my hobbies, spend time smelling (and watering) the flowers, do things that make me happy, enjoy loving.

10. Don't ever stop wearing high heels.
I feel good when I look good. Savor the moments when I feel sexy, they can inspire me through the rough times.