Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have lots of wishes today........
I wish I could be with my son.
I wish I could spend more time with my friends that are far away.
I wish I could sleep better.
I wish I wasn't sick.
I wish I liked living where I live.
I wish my sweet dog didn't have lymphoma.
I wish I was thinner (but doesn't everyone).
I wish I felt like I had purpose.
I wish I had more energy.
Somedays, I wish I didn't know how sick I really am.
I wish I lived in Oklahoma again.
I wish to take my son to Vegas for his 21st birthday.
I wish my relationship was better with my parents.
I wish I was closer to my nieces... in proximity and every other way.
I wish I knew where I will be living in 2011.

I think that's it for today. I've always tried to live by the theory that I would like to make one person smile everyday. And lately, I know I haven't been doing so good at that. I've been living in my own little cocoon. I haven't felt well and I haven't been sleeping and I've been using those things as an excuse to be inactive. I've been having my own little self induced pity party. And it's time I stop!! It's time I get back to being the me I once knew and loved. I need to get back to taking quilt classes and I could take some beading classes for fun as well. Just anything to get my butt out of this house. It's become a comfortable little nest for me to remain in. I need to make the most of life and quit having my little pity party. Ok, boo hoo for me I have a neuro condition, back problems, balance problems, heart condition and sleeping problems. It could be worse. There will always be those out there that are better off and those that are worse off than me. You know.... I need to post my top 10 for living well......