Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doggie Doctors

So we had to take Miss Ginger to the oncologist today (well, yesterday it's 4 am now) for some blood tests and to get her checked over. They did a needle biopsy of a lump on her right side and luckily it turned out to be just a lypoma (lypo- as in lyposuction....FAT!) She has plenty of these fatty tumors all over but this one felt a little different so we were glad to have the oncologist look at it. Poor Miss Ginger even has a pretty good scratch on her right eye. So we are having to put antibiotic gel in that eye 4 times a day. Now, how on Earth are working people supposed to do this every 6 hours??!! Thank God I have no job, just so I can take care of Miss G!

She enjoys the car ride to the oncologist and doesn't even mind that we got stuck in traffic. For her it was just a good opportunity to stick her nose out the window and check out the new smells!

She does really good at the vet but she always gets soooo nervous. The poor thing shakes so badly when you pull into the parking lot. She pants so hard that she causes her temp to go up! So the entire time we are waiting we have to deal with a dog that sounds like she's making a perverse phone call.

For those that don't know, Miss Ginger has Lymphoma and is on chemotherapy. You would never know from the way she acts that she has cancer. It hasn't slowed her down one little bit. She gets 3 chemotherapy pills every night. I hated having to poke them down her throat so I devised this little system of delivery that she LOVES! She gets a little peanut butter on a small bacon treat. We are then able to drop the chemo pills onto the peanut butter.....Voila! Chemo bacon suprise! Now chemo for dogs is quite different than chemo for people. The goal for chemo in dogs is to slow down or stop the progression of the cancer. But it's not so powerful that it makes them lose their hair. Heck, it hasn't even slowed down her appitite! We are truly blessed that she is not suffering, not sick, or having any ill affects from the cancer or the chemo. Other than a big hit to the bank account, we have no complaints. We have an AMAZING vet here in town and we have a great puppy oncologist. We are very lucky that she has such a great team caring for her!