Monday, July 27, 2009

Neighbors and Friends

Wow… It’s been a couple of days since I updated! Shame on me! So it’s been an eventful weekend. First off we have new neighbors in the other half of our duplex.  The left half is ours and the other half has been vacant for a good six months.  But we just got new neighbors. UGH!


When they first came to the place, I went over and met them they seemed to be nice enough.  It was a young couple with a new 3 month old baby. He got laid off so he’s been playing Mr. Mom while she is working. They were pleasant, well spoken, I had no complaints.  But what I didn’t know was that they a whole dirty secret moving in with them. There is another girl living with them and she’s white trash (I should know I was there myself several years ago). She smokes like a chimney, she’s overweight, apparently has no job and has two very whiny kids!! One of which is named after an adult diaper “Serenity.” Most of this I wouldn’t really care about except that neither side of the duplex has central A/C so we have to leave the windows open when it’s warm.  And the fan sucks the cigarette smoke right into our house! And since I quit I find the smell disgusting! And I don’t care if her kids whine at her all day long…. But last night one of them was outside whining until 130 AM!! And they have a little yap dog…. YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP!! So needless to say….. I’m thrilled to have new neighbors!

Friday night we went to the movies to see The Ugly Truth and then to dinner.  CUTE CUTE CUTE movie BTW; but it was a little raunchier than I expected.  They dropped the F bomb half a dozen times! I was surprised. Then we went to the Olive Garden for dinner.  The  food was fine but the service sucked! We ordered alfredo dipping sauce for our breadsticks so we would have liked more than 1 breadstick each! Then after dinner as we were driving home the oddest thing happened. As we were waiting to turn onto the main street there was a group of 20 somethings that went zooming by on bicycles. One of which was wearing a skirt! on a bike! And not just a skirt but a long lacy skirt! Only in liberalville! Then as we turned onto the main street and made our way thru the intersection we noticed this floating light coming towards us.  It was too high to be a vehicle, so I didnt know what to think.  As it approached I noticed that it was a bicycle… but the light was too high to be something they had attached to the bike.  Then out of the shadows it came! It was a very very tall hippie riding his bike while wearing a headlamp! YEA…..ok!!!

Saturday we went to the airport to pick up our friends who are returning from their wedding and honeymoon! Welcome home Seannie and Katie! and Katie’s son Jonathan too!  I had fun playing cards with you at dinner J man! They had brought us goodies too! I got the cutest bag… I’ll post a picture tomorrow as it’s 1 am right now! and Of course MACADAMIA CARAMEL CHOCOLATES! It just doesn’t get any better than that!!!


Saturday I also got a box in the mail. I wasn’t expecting anything so it came as quite a surprise. I got the most adorable Winnie-the-Pooh Christmas ornament from my dear dear friend Terry! She is soooo awesome to me! I so miss her! She’s such an inspiration to me because she has a plate full of adversity yet she is always smiling and always has kind words to say. She is just full of Faith and never loses hope.  I cant think of one person who wouldn’t benefit from having her as a friend.


And Sunday it was just too stinking hot to do anything.  I tried but I was kind of cranky because of the heat. So I didn’t get much of anything accomplished! Oh well…there is always tomorrow!