Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Blossoms……..

Take two, Enupa Park and the cherry blossoms.  Hoping that more had bloomed. I was in luck! This is the cherry blossom tunnel; obviously, in full bloom!!
Unfortunately, I forgot to call God and ask for a sunny day.  So, it was grey and drizzly.  However I won’t complain because the cherry blossoms were insanely beautiful. This is the cherry blossom tunnel from the other side of the lake. 





Well, now that I’ve bored you with a hundred pictures of the blossoms I will explain that there is a track that goes all the way around the Enupa Park, including all the way around the lake!! It’s a slightly cushioned walkway with exercise stations along the way. 
102_4919 I saw these bad boys in use too, in spite of the rain! No wonder Koreans tend to be so much healthier than Americans!!

We spied this adorable place on our way home from the park.  I know enough Korean to know that the writing on the rock says “sula” but I have no idea what it means.
And for my critter and friends, we now know where the video game store is in town. Brendon, send Momma some won and I’ll buy whatever you’d like! :-p

Quote of the Moment: Can’t Ship This is now stuck in my head!! ARGH!!! O merry, merry, merry, like only dogs know how to be happy and nothing more, with an absolute shameless nature. ~Pablo Neruda