Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Learning Korean……….

Last night, I was scheduled to take a two hour Korean class. Granted this isn’t nearly enough time to actually learn the entire language.  But we did learn the alphabet and the sounds the letters make.  We also learned several important phrases in Korean which are helpful for life in Korea. 
Our teacher Ms. Kim was great.  Even though the class was only 2 hours she had us easily memorizing simple phrases and reading Korean characters. KoreanMsKim The class was very helpful to life in Korea and she was entertaining too!! It was a pleasant distraction from the chronic searing right ear pain I’ve been having for days now.
I must also admit that I walked to class in the SNOW!! In the middle of April!! Granted it wasn’t a large accumulation of snow but it was enough to dust the ground in a coat of white. It was a refreshing walk as the snowflakes stuck to my eyelashes as I walked the couple of blocks to class.  It almost felt magical to be so far from home, to be so blessed to be spending time with my hubby, to have the opportunity to take this class for free, to be walking in an amazingly beautiful foreign country and to be able to make the short walk in spite of the pain in my ear.

 We were each taught how to write and pronounce our name in Korean. The Korean has no true ‘r’ sound. Therefore my name becomes Leu Nay, instead of Renee. They also have no SH sound; so I become  Chal oon ya instead of Shalunya. Also in Korea, Caca is a good thing!!!! It means discount.
Quote of the moment: Shijaki banida (shee-jaw-kee ba-nee-da) Starting is half the task.