Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lotte Mart………..

Lotte Mart is the Korean equivalent our WalMart or Target.  Today we decided to take a trip over there because I am on the hunt for Korean notecards.
On the drive over we pass several apartment complexes.  These are nothing like what we are accustomed to.  They are huge and I cannot imagine living in monster buildings like these. 102_4464
I am trying to determine how many people could possibly live in just one of these buildings and I don’t think it’s possible.  Plus this particular complex has about a dozen buildings.
The weather today was a bit warmer today than it has been; not that you can tell by this picture.
This looks more like Seattle weather than Gunsan City, Korea! One of the biggest challenges with driving in Korea is that the road signs are in Korean!!!
Go Figure!!! Once inside Lotte Mart we spied all sorts of goodies!! Like Hello Kitty candy for Mary.
Korean Ghee-Hos (Cheetos) for my niece Kaitlyn.

 Lotte Mart is actually three floors of shopping fun.  Now, one could wonder how you would take your shopping cart with you on all those floors; but, Lotte Mart has solved that problem.

It’s like an escalator but it’s flat so your cart can ride with you.  Who knew??
Korea is full of wonders and apparently, I am amused by some of the simplest things because I found this building adorable!!
You must admit, it’s a very cute building!

Quote of the moment: Choose the World You See, and See the World You Choose. ~Jonathan Huie