Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This weekend I am scheduled to go on three different tours.  Friday, I will be taking the Gunsan City Good Neighbor Tour. It’s a half day introduction and orientation to the city of Gunsan.  I will learn how to take local transportation, local community activities and cultural awareness.  Gunsan City is the city closest to us and hosts great stores like the Lotte Mart that I previously blogged about. This tour is free!!
Korea - Gunsan City
Saturday, I will be touring Pyonsan Beach, Chikso Waterfall, and Neso-sa Temple.  I can see a 1000 year old Dangsan tree and a bronze bell from the Neso-sa Temple during the cherry blossom season.  The cost for this tour is only $25.
Korea Chikso-Water-Fall

Sunday I will be taking the Gunsan City Cherry Blossoms Photo Trip.  Takes lots of photos of the flower tunnels made up of thousands of cherry blossoms along the Enupa Park roadway and walking paths.  Capture the people, flowers and festivities with hands-on instruction from a professional photographer.  This tour is a steal at $15!!!
Korea Cherry
Then Friday April 23rd I will be touring the DMZ!! I am terribly excited about this tour!  Only $25 for the DMZ!
Korea DMZGreen

Quote of the moment: Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift. ~Albert Einstein