Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good and Bad Tag

The third of the tags I have been in which I was tagged. I was tagged by my beautiful friend and creator of the tag: The Amazing Miss Saffron Lallem of Saffy Style


Tag as many people as you like but notify them. Its so annoying if you don't find out.
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Things I am good at:

Face makeup: Always use use plenty of moisturizer and a good primer to ensure a smooth application of my foundation. I have discovered that not primers are a good match with all foundations. Keep this in mind if you foundation starts misbehaving. It could simply be the combination of the primer with the foundation. 

Lips: I am great at Nude Lips; well, actually the range from Nude to MLBB. I've completely got that mastered. Feel free to check out my Nude Lips and my Pink Nude Lips posts.

Eyes: I know all about finding eyeliner that stays on like a tattoo. I have terribly weepy eyes so eyeliner that doesn't set like cement just doesn't stay on me. I can assure you that MAC Liquidlast and Milani Infinite Liquid eyeliners aren't going to budge! 

Skincare: I am religious about moisturizer and sunscreen. Since I have super fair skin that doesn't hold a tan I decided many, many years ago to forgo trying to tan. I am now a moisturizer and sunscreen junkie.

Nails: I cannot stand to have chipped nails. Consequently, I paint my nails frequently and my polish collection is vast to say the least. 

Body: Again with the moisturizer and sunscreen. I don't self tan because it's too much hassle for too little pay off because I would still look pale next to my husband with his gorgeous Filipino complexion. 

Lifestyle: I live my life as stress free as possible. Since I must cope with chronic pain, stress is a huge problem which decreases my pain tolerance. I pray and meditate regularly. I drink plenty of water. 

Things I am bad at:
Face makeup: Under eye concealer and brightener. It just makes my mascara and eye liner become a huge mess on my face. Luckily I don't have dark circles under my eyes, so it's not that big of an issue. 
Lips:  I am TERRIFIED of bright lips. Since my skin is so fair and my hair is pretty light, bright lips just stick out like a sore thumb. I have recently darkened my hair some and I am trying really, really hard to become adventurous with my lipstick colors. 

Eyes: For the life of me I cannot do winged eyeliner. I am convinced it is because I have hooded eyes but nonetheless it looks absolutely RIDICULOUS on me. 

Skincare:  I don't always wash my face after removing my makeup. When I am just exhausted I will remove my makeup with a towelette and then use a cleansing toner before falling into bed. 

Nails: I'm not overly creative with my nails. I can do a few super simple things but nothing terribly exciting. Besides, I paint them too frequently to do anything too fancy. 

Body: I do not get as much exercise as I should even though I work at the gym. My health and my husband's lack of driver's license sometimes makes this a hard one for me. 

Lifestyle: I cannot get myself on a sleeping schedule. No matter what I do my body will either sleep 3-5 hours or it will sleep 14. There is no rhyme or reason to the pattern. I can be absolutely exhausted and I will be unable to sleep. It's truly torturous.

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