Thursday, September 5, 2013

Clump Crusher Extensions

This post will be a review and comparison of the new CoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions. I have and love the original CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara. So I was quite excited by the new ‘Extensions’ version.  But I will admit that my expectations were fairly low because I didn’t think CoverGirl could successfully alter an already great mascara. 
CoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions is currently available in only one shade, 840 Very Black, and is not available in waterproof.
I will do a side by side comparison of Clump Crusher Extensions with the original formula.
Naked lashes
I have plenty of lashes but they aren’t particularly long and they are fairly blonde, especially on the bottom. As you can see I have plenty of natural curl to my lashes.
First Coat - CG Clump Crusher Extensions Vs Clump Crusher
The first thing that I noticed is that Extensions formula is dryer. The wand is exactly the same as the original so it applies in the same manner.
Second Coat - CG Clump Crusher Extensions Vs Clump Crusher
The second coat is when I begin to notice a difference. The Extensions formula is lighter because it’s dryer and it leaves my lashes more fluttery. The original formula is wetter; so my lashes want to stick together. I can also tell that the right side with the original formula begins to droop and lose its curl a bit.
Third Coat - CG Clump Crusher Extensions Vs Clump Crusher
You can clearly see at the third coat that the Extensions formula appears more separated and defined; but, the original formula is sticking together and the lashes are lacking separation. This is strictly due to the fact that the original formula is wetter than the Extensions. Please excuse the mascara all over my eyelids; I obviously need a lesson in how to apply mascara neatly.
CoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions
So was Clump Crusher Extensions good enough to get me to stray from my beloved Clump Crusher. I was surprised by my own answer. YES! I do prefer the formula of the new Extensions over the original. Did it give me extra length? I don’t really think so. However, I love the defined fluttery look that it gives my lashes. I believe that if you like the original then you will really enjoy the Extensions formula. If you are a fan of really wet mascaras then stick with the original.
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