Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BBBB, Meet Your Favicon

Welcome back to another installment of BBBB, Building a Better Beauty Blog, where we will be talking about your Favicon! You either have already changed your Favicon or are wondering what the heck I am talking about. 

In the image above the Favicon is the white be on the orange background on the active tab. You can see my Favicon on the tab to the left of the active tab. You can also see several other of my blogger friends' Favicons on the tabs to the right of the active tab. You can also see a few more generic Blogger Favicons to the right of my friends' Favicons. 

The term Favicon is short for favorite icon. It's a shortcut icon or a bookmark icon and is typically 16x16 pixels and less than 100kb in size. It is also extremely easy to change your Favicon with very little effort. Simply open your layout in Blogger and you will see your Favicon element. 

Load up any square image less than 100kb and your Favicon is set. You will not immediately see your Favicon change. It will take a bit of time and you might need to clear your cache in order for it to show up.

As you can see this is a pretty simple process with a huge impact. It's not unusual for me to have 3-4 blogs open in different tabs and having customized Favicons makes it much easier for me to quickly find a particular blog. I hope you enjoyed another installment of BBBB. Please remember that all BBBB posts both mine and Laurie's can be found at the top of my blog under the BBBB tab.

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