Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Time for You to Get Gelous Too.

Welcome back to my sunny little blog. It's a ray of sunshine beaming through the beauty blogosphere. Too much? Ok, you're right. Anyway, welcome! Today I will be doing this easy, yet cute holiday manicure. Buy my favorite part of this post is that I will be hosting a giveaway of the products needed to create this manicure.

The highlight of this giveaway is Gelous Advanced Gel Nail Coat which you already know I love from my post Are You Gelous of My Mani?  Recently, I discovered that American Classics Treatments, the makers of Gelous, launched their Instagram account and they are anxious to build a following. Through my support of their Instagram account and my love of Gelous, I was offered the opportunity to try Bridge the Ridge Filling Basecoat and In a Hurry Air Dry Topcoat. My review will follow within the next few days. I began discussing with them the possibility of a giveaway for my readers honoring my beloved Gelous. American Classics Treatments generously donated the bottle of Gelous for this giveaway. In order to make this giveaway more festive since the holidays are upon us, I decided to purchase an another set of the polishes I used for this fun and easy holiday manicure to be given away along with Gelous. While Gelous was a donation from American Classics Treatments, the other polishes included in this giveaway I purchased with my own money.

Gelous, Sally Hansen Celeb City, Wet n Wild I Red a Good Book and Pure Ice Dazzle Me

I prefer to chill my polish for about 15 minutes prior to use. So I place Gelous in the fridge while I am getting my things ready. When I take Gelous out I place the next polish in, repeating this process until my manicure is complete.

For this holiday manicure, I started with clean and prepped nails. The first thing I do is to lightly buff the surface of my nails with a file. This helps give Gelous a textured surface to really grip onto.

After washing my hands I place a light coat of Gelous on all of my nails being sure to wrap around the tips. Simply, run the brush around the exposed tips of each nail. Next you will paint your middle finger, pointer and thumb red. Then paint your ring finger and pinkie silver.

Once your polish is dry paint a silver French tip on your pointer fingers and paint a red one on your pinkies. With the right brush this is not a difficult task. I highly recommend you purchase a cheap, small, flat paintbrush with bristles cut straight across. This will help you be able to create a neater line with your polish. It takes a bit of patience to get comfortable with it but trust me you can do it. Due to my neurological condition I frequently have a mild to moderate tremor in my hands. I can manage to paint an acceptable tip and, therefore, I believe you can too.

On the middle finger use the glitter polish all over. Alert! This is where we may have subtle differences in our manicure as my glitter polish isn't the same Pure Ice in Dazzle me. Mine is an L.A. Colors in Glitter Bomb and the glitter isn't as 'tinsel' shiny as the giveaway polish.

The next step is to use a piece of tape to create a straight vertical line on your ring finger. You will want to remove some of the sticky from the tape by placing your fingers to the tape a few times. Place the tape on the side of the nail that you would like to keep silver. Paint the remaining half of the nail red and remove the tape.

Once that has had an opportunity to dry you will want to place your jewels along the line. I placed a small dot of Gelous on the line and then placed the jewel on the Gelous. After all of this has had an opportunity to dry, add one final coat of Gelous over everything including the jewels.

This is super simple styling my manicure brings a lot of attention to my nails without being too difficult or time consuming. Kindly take a moment and visit American Classics Instagram and Facebook page. This giveaway is open to the residents of  the U.S.

Enjoy American Classics Treatments' Instagram account and explore the other products in their amazing line.

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In a Hurry Air Dry Topcoat - My review coming soon
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